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Who are the Good Guys? Who, the Bad? (PDF)


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“I am shocked by how quickly a narrative can be activated that
originates from the time before the First World War … Why is this
possible? … Because the story is so good. … Here is a war … divided
crystal clear into an infinite number of good guys and the one bad
With these words, the social psychologist Harald Welzer characterizes
the war hysteria currently raging in the media. That’s why we
want to get to the bottom of the question: Is there really only black
and white in this conflict? No more shades of gray? And what would
the world look like then?
Of all places, in the countries that call themselves “Christian”, that is,
in the countries of the so-called “western hemisphere”, the feeling
of belonging to the “good guys” still seems to be widespread. Politicians
there talk about “Christian values”, but participate in wars and
advocate arms exports. From the point of view of the teachings of
peace of Jesus of Nazareth, however, every war is a crime, a brutal
violation of His Sermon on the Mount…
Facing the facts as they really are can indeed be frightening at first.
But it is only in this way that we will also find a way out of the chaos.

Who are the Good Guys? Who, the Bad? (PDF)