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“Drops of Life” and “Build the Bridge to Christ” (CD)

Two Meditative Reflections on One CD, Given and Spoken by Gabriele


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Drops of life
It is the Spirit of our Father that calls us:
He calls us to become drops of life, because His Son, our Redeemer, builds a new heaven and creates a new earth. He calls us to become drops of love, goodness and mercy, drops that unite and rain down into this world. This drop of life that we are becoming is a mighty gain for ourselves and for many who are desperately seeking.

Build the bridge to Christ
Every single one of us is a so-called bridge builder. Our tools to build the bridge are faith, trust and patience. To cross the bridge, to go to Christ, we need faith, trust, patience and a mighty love for Him who is in us, for the Spirit who helps us, for the great Spirit of love who helps us and who heals our body as well, as it is good for the soul.



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“Drops of Life” and “Build the Bridge to Christ” (CD)