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Life After Death and Reincarnation

Are you looking for books on the topics “Living and Dying,” Life After Death,” “Reincarnation”? The books published by the Gabriele Publishing House – The Word offer you detailed explanations and explanations, which throw light on the complex of “Is there life after death?” from various points of view.

Books on Life After Death & Reincarnation

Many wonder, “Is there life after death?” And if so: “What happens after death?”, “What does it mean to die?”, “Is there reincarnation?”, “How does my life on Earth affect a continuation of life after death?” The books provide answers to all these questions and are a guide to conscious living. Click here for the e-books on life after death.

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Is there a Life After Death?

Nobody will be able to prove an affirmative or negative answer to this question. But if there were only one life on Earth, many things would be illogical and could not be explained. Many things would seem unjust or by chance. For all prophets and many great minds it was and is therefore a matter of course/self-evident that human beings pass through several lives on Earth.

What happens after death?

People who have near-death experiences report experiences that are often similar. But their experiences cannot provide a comprehensive answer to the question, "What happens after death?". Gabriele reports in her books that the soul of a human being is the same one on this side as well as on that side of life. It takes all its light-filled and shadowy aspects with it into the beyond. There it is attracted to realms that correspond to it. These books also describe how the soul can develop further in the worlds beyond until it perhaps to set out for another incarnation.

What does it mean to die?

Gabriele also explains what it means to die, helping readers understand how important it is to use the days on Earth wisely. Gabriele says that life on Earth is a time of schooling and learning. If the soul of a human being does not reach its learning goal, it will be confronted with the same tasks in further lives on Earth. That which befalls the soul was caused by the soul itself – it is not God who punishes the human being. And what it takes with it into a new incarnation does not come from God either. Nor does what it perhaps may experience as suffering in the human body.

Is there such a thing as reincarnation?

Thus, the teaching of reincarnation is closely connected with the "law of sowing and reaping," which also includes justice: "What a person sows, that person will reap." This knowledge could become a decisive key to understanding one's own path through life or the destiny of one's life, and to still be able to change many things for the better. The first Original Christians were familiar with the law of "sowing and reaping." This in turn presupposes that there was already a "life" before this life on Earth and also a "further life," that is, a life after death, for instance, after this life on Earth.

As on this side of life, so is it the beyond

Life in this world as well as in the hereafter consists of communication. People's consciousness decides what they perceive as reality. If the divine, which permeates this world, is reality for them, they will also gradually change their communication with everything that surrounds them. The realization that we are beings of the universe then increasingly determines our actions during the time of our life on Earth. This refinement of our being then decides in which areas we develop further in the hereafter. If, on the other hand, we were stuck only in matter, after our life on Earth the soul experiences that it has not lived or that it has merely lived in a dreamlike way, or even that it has been lived by other forces.

What is the meaning of our life on Earth?

Often, after an illness or a blow of fate, people begin to ask about the meaning of life. Some seek answers in religion, which in turn speaks of faith – not knowledge. Science, on the other hand, gives answers that explore many things – but ultimately are still related to matter. Thus, those seeking eventually come to the realization that there must be higher laws that move and sustain everything. They begin to explore themselves and change their behavior more and more – because they sense that we are here to recognize ourselves and to develop again toward the love for God and neighbor. This is the prerequisite so that we can return to our eternal home. Matter is, so to speak, merely a school called Earth.