The Free Universal Spirit is the teaching of the love of God and neighbor toward people, nature and animals



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Jesus of Nazareth taught the inner circle of His disciples and apostles

much more 2000 years ago than traditional scriptures show …

Details on the creation of the eternal Being and of our soul

How a soul is guided once it has left the physical body and how it lives in the spheres of the beyond

The truth about the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth

The Christ-Revelation, which true Christians the world over have come to know

God Is Unity

The worlds of animals, plants and minerals belong to the great family of God just as much as we human beings.

Excerpts from the eternal law of the love for God and neighbor

Discover the offer of God, the Free Spirit, to learn how these simple instructions for life can change our life to the positive?

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Sophia Library

Visit the Sophia Library, the Center of the Free Spirit.
In the Sophia Library, you find information isles on all spheres of life, at which each visitor can inform himself in his own language, about the topics that are particularly close to his or her heart.
In the Sophia Library you also will find a bookstore where the sale of books, CDs and DVDs takes place, as well as a lending library.

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Self-Healing Forces in Human Beings

Activate Your Self-Healing Forces

What, actually, is health? What is illness? Is it the right medication alone that can influence the healing process?Let us learn to recognize why we become sick but also how we can remain healthy or experience soothing and healing, something which every individual can do.

Read the invaluable hints and suggestions for activating your self-healing forces.

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