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God Wants the Best for You

Your Companion Throughout the Year


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“Swim against the stream and reach the source”! — Guiding principles in this Small Daily Devotional for the 365 days of your year (including Feb. 29!). Day by day draw good advice, assurance, and courage for making the best out of all occurrences, for “in all things is God’s help.”

Small sample entries from this daily devotional:

January 20: Everything good starts with the movement of your heart.

“If you like, take the following sentence into your world of thoughts: All changes toward the good first take place in a person’s heart.

Ask God, that He may help you in everything that the day brings. You know that God is in us, and He always helps—because He loves you, because He loves us, because He loves all people, all souls, all Being. Indeed, He loves all Being, because He is the love.”

August 8: Recognize and clear things up in good time.

“Accept this day! … And if you clear things up, in the evening you will realize that it was a good and joyful day.”


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God Wants the Best for You