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The Inner Physician and Healer – Set 2 (2 CDs)

Two Meditations on Two Discs.
Become whole in soul and body through the power of the Christ of God. In Tranquility Lies the Power for Healing.


CD: Inner Physician and Healer Set 2
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Product Information

In this series we experience a guided meditation given by Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of God.

The meditative texts lead us into our inner being and into tranquility. They help us recognize blockages in us and to dissolve them, while strengthening the self-healing forces with Christ in us.

An excerpt:

Christ is the Inner Physician and Healer, the Healer of our soul. The human body is the garment of the soul, which surrounds the soul. Every human body has the self-healing forces, which the person can activate through a positive life dedicated to God.

CD 3: The Inner Light Radiates In and Through Your Soul into Your Body; 44:30 min.

CD 4: The Eternal Love, the Sun of the Primordial Being, Gives and Gives; 52:30 min.

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CD: Inner Physician and Healer Set 2
The Inner Physician and Healer – Set 2 (2 CDs)