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The Teaching Book

The Age of the Lily, the High Time after the Time: God in Us, and We in God


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In this time there is really a lot going haywire more and more, and we often have no influence at all on events. However, we can take our “inner life” into our own hands – if we want. What about spirituality and genes? Or spirituality and our blood? In this book, Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of the Eternal Kingdom, gives us many practical tips for the pathway into the New Era, thus enabling everyone to set a new course for their life.

An excerpt: “Through our behavior patterns, each one of us determines their personal world, their life’s programs. This is the corresponding barometer of our disposition, which is traced back to our five egoity components, to our feeling, sensing, thinking, speaking and acting. … We are called upon – not in terms of what may have been yesterday, but of who we are today and what we make of it.”

An order for this book includes a small notebook, for your personal notes and reflections.

This book contains discussion about spirituality and how our spiritual lives relate to genes and our blood.

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The Teaching Book