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Astral Horror


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Astral dangers lie everywhere… are we aware?

Let us be aware that human existence is not real. If it truly were reality, then the physical body would not perish; there would then be lasting youth. The soul in a person is not of this world; rather, it lives eternally—we are therefore nothing more than wayfarers on the way back to the true eternal homeland. However, to which influences a person is exposed on his way during this side of life and as a soul in the beyond is reported about in this book—as a warning and guidance. Those people who believe in a higher existence, which we call Creator or God, should be aware that this side of life and the beyond are not separate—and that our behavior on this side has an effect on our further life’s path as a soul. Astral dangers—indeed, astral horror—lie in wait if we are not careful.

A sample text from this book:

“… Perhaps these words can help many a one to think about himself. The request to you, to all of us is: Pay attention, may we all pay attention to the content of everything that we utter and what we want and do. We transfer everything, but really everything to our soul. …

Do not allow yourself, let us not allow ourselves, to be tempted and seduced! Let us take good care of our body and of our soul; for, as mentioned, just as we are as a human being, we could perhaps be as a soul already tomorrow. For none of knows when his last hour will be.”

From the contents:

  • The works of the human being follow his soul.
  • Those who do not know themselves, often remain blind as a soul.
  • How do earth-bound souls act to bring a person into line and influence him?
  • Interest groups of souls turn certain types of people into energy suppliers.
  • Every soul is thoroughly advised and admonished by the spiritual world
  • Respect, treasure and safeguard your life! After your demise, your soul continues to live …

…and many other topics.

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