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eBook – Reincarnation – Life’s Gift of Grace

My Soul's Journey - To Where?


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Where is our homeland? Are we at home in this world? Or are we only passing through? Is it visible matter that carries us – or did we come from somewhere else?
Feelings and thoughts, vague inklings, have been raised by humankind since the beginning of time on the “wherefrom” and “whereto,” the “whys” and “what fors.” Seldom have these questions been answered so clearly and unmistakably as by Gabriele, the teaching prophetess and emissary of the eternal kingdom.

The knowledge of reincarnation opens our eyes to understanding the meaning of our life, why we are on Earth and what task we have: namely, the chance to use our existence on Earth and develop ourselves back to what we are in our spiritual origin: divine beings, whose life lasts eternally. Reincarnation is a life-changing message, which was also known in Early Christianity.

Excerpt from the book:
“Often we hear: ‘Reincarnation? That’s not Christian!’ But what is Christian? Christian is to do what Jesus taught us. And when we do not do what Jesus taught us – think of his Sermon on the Mount or God’s Ten Commandments given through Moses – then this is un-Christian; it is a sin and we burden ourselves. Where does this burdening go? It goes into our soul. … The particles of a pure spirit body can be compared to shining, spiritual pearls. Through unlawful thinking and acting, the person causes shadows on these pearls in his soul …

Reincarnation excludes the concepts of ‘eternal damnation’ as well as a ‘punishing God.’ It is a chance for the soul to become free of these shadows …”


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eBook – Reincarnation – Life’s Gift of Grace