The Free Universal Spirit is the teaching of the love of God and neighbor toward people, nature and animals



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Nature Symphony in the Woods


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These sounds invite you to immerse yourself for a few moments in a pristine forest atmosphere, to get away from everyday life, to find peace and inner silence and to draw new strength and creativity. Instrumental music combined with nature sounds played by Santec Music Orchestra.

  1. Melody of the spring, Stefano Delu
  2. Cascades on the forest stream, Stefano Delu
  3. Fragrant Forest flowers, Christian Periat
  4. Gnome dance, Stefano Delu
  5. Flight of the eagle, Claude Koob
  6. Butterfly waltz, Matthias Köbler
  7. Day at the clearing, Christian Periat
  8. Sunrise at the spring, Stefano Delu
  9. Forest anemones in the morning light, Stefano Delu
  10. Feast of the forest animals, Christian Periat
  11. Forest devotion, Matthias Köbler
  12. The deer, Stefano Delu
  13. Tree crown in the wind, Christiane Seeger
  14. On the path, Stefano Delu
  15. Evening prayer, Stefano Delu

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Nature Symphony in the Woods