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The Four Planes of Development, the Cradle of Evolution to the Filiation of God

The Age of the Lily - Sophia, the Wisdom of God


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Book - The Four Planes of Development
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Drawing on her memory, Gabriele talks in the first part of this book about her own path to becoming the prophetess of God – how one day something “totally unexpected, indeed previously unbelievable to us” came up in her life: Her training to be a divine instrument of the All-Highest began …

We also learn about the beginning of the Age of the Lily, of the Messianic and Sophianic Age: Humankind stands before a radical change of time. It is the emergence into a New Era, into the Age of the Lily without religions, without priests and pastors. The Age of the Lily prepares the coming of the spiritual Messiah, of the Christ of God.

In the second part, we receive detailed insights into evolution – from the mineral via the plant and animal kingdoms toward the spirit child and matured heavenly spirit being – in our eternal homeland, the seven-dimensional Kingdom of God.

On the third plane of evolution, it is: the one helps the other. The entities – the animal being on this state of consciousness – experience and understand what unity means …

Without having to be summoned, the animal beings go toward their neighbor and take up contact. They gently and in understanding place their head, that is, their cheek next to that of their neighbor. This means, we understand one another. To make friends means to live the unity, to be for and with one another.

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Book - The Four Planes of Development
The Four Planes of Development, the Cradle of Evolution to the Filiation of God