The Free Universal Spirit is the teaching of the love of God and neighbor toward people, nature and animals



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The Sermon on the Mount – the Path to a Fulfilled Life (PDF)

The Message of Truth


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Christ Speaks (Excerpts from the book “The Sermon on the Mount”)

The Sermon on the Mount is the Inner Path to the heart of God, which leads to perfection. I guide My own to the recognition of the truth.

“Blessed in the spirit are the poor, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven!”

The words “the poor” do not mean material poverty. It is not this that brings bliss in the spirit, but the devotion to God, from which the person fulfills all those things that are the will of God. This is the inner wealth.

The words “the poor” mean all those who do not strive for personal possessions and do not hoard goods… Their inner wealth is the life in God, a life for God and for their neighbor. They live the commandment “pray and work.”

“Blessed are those who grieve, for they shall be comforted.”…

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” …

And much more in this free booklet in PDF format …

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The Sermon on the Mount – the Path to a Fulfilled Life (PDF)