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eBook – The Speaking All-Unity

The Word of the Universal Creator-Spirit

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The Speaking All-Unity: A Spiritual Science?

The Word of the Universal Creator Spirit, where Science Meets Spirit


The Science of Spirit, and the History of the Cosmos…God and the Big Bang?

“What about God and the Big Bang…?” This book addresses both Science and Spirit. It details the All-unity of nature, the existence of pure divine beings and the history of the cosmos — from the creation of the spiritual spheres to the so-called “big bang” of the material worlds… and beyond. This divine prophetic vision on the All-communication with the Creator-God goes far beyond the modern trends of “astrotheology” or other “spiritual science.” This book gives insights into the seven-dimensional Kingdom of God.

“In all of nature, the cosmic All-communication is alive.” We can see this, for example, in a swarm of birds that can fly in huge formations without ever flying into each other. How can we understand this from a scientific or spiritual perspective? Gabriele explains how the nature kingdoms, the minerals, plants and animals, as well as the pure, divine beings are linked through the All-communication with each other and with the Creator-God. She gives us spirit-based insight beyond the science of today, via a “spiritual crack in the door.” We peer into the seven-dimensional Kingdom of God which shows us how we can find our way back into the All-unity of life.

Spirit or Science: “Why Does Science Fail to Explain So Much?”

A passage from the book explains why scientific understandings of the universe, and approaches to “spiritual science” (perhaps, such as “astrotheology”?), leave so much unknown:

“Scientific models of explanation, as certain as they appear at the respective time, are usually merely attempts at clarification, which correspond to the state of the scientific research of that time. They are based on observation, experimentation, and the theories that build on them. Often, this knowledge is certain only until it is overtaken by new knowledge. However, the latest position in physics, mathematics, astronomy, biology and other branches of science lets us recognize many parallels to the overall picture that is conveyed to us from the spiritual world. Of particular interest concerning this is the way the described primordial powers of the All work in the material cosmos. …”

Another excerpt explains the spiritual basis of all being:

“Everything is of a spiritual-atomic structure, pure spiritual, eternal substance, the principle of infinity. The glimpse through the spiritual crack in the door is merely an attempt to explain the make-up of the Kingdom of God. … With this, each of us human beings, according to his state of consciousness, should be given an understanding of the all-one great event …”

From the Contents

  •  The make-up of the core of being in the Eternal’s cradle of drawing and creating.
  •  Science and the Spirit. What came before the Big Bang? … Can we soeak of a spiritual science? …a spiritual “Big Bang”?
  •  Our life film – We human beings live in pictures.
  •  The primary warfare agents – our thoughts.
  •  Beyond astrotheology: Explanations on the ethereal, cosmic origin of all life.
  •  Why the weapons arsenals of this world?
  •  All living beings and life forms from God’s creation are beings of the All-Unity.
  •  What separates us from the All-Unity, the communication with the eternal Creator-God? We learn on ourselves.
  •  Together we experience a virtual walk, a guided meditation.

And much, much more …



The images in this book take us beyond the topic of spirit and science.  A variety of photographs of Animals and Nature appear in a section of the book entitled “I Am in Your Soul as Power and Light. For Virtual Observation.” The photos include deer, hedgehogs, butterflies, martins and squirrels, among other animals, as well as various species of flowers and trees. The book also includes photographs of people from impoverished areas of the world in a short section of the book entitled “We Are All Children of God. For Self-observation and Self-reflection. Mercy Would Be the Wealth of Our Soul.”

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eBook – The Speaking All-Unity
Original price was: $13.00.Current price is: $6.49.