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Who is Sitting on the Chair of Peter?

Only for the clever and analytical mind


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In this book, the following questions are answered: What is actually behind the Chair of Peter, the Holy See? How did the Holy See portray itself in the past? What are its intentions? This book informs you about the following, among other things:

  • The true prophets of God as well as Jesus warned against priests.
  • The Catholic Church incorporated and relied heavily upon pagan rites, rituals and symbols throughout its entire history
  • The murderous instructions of the Old Testament still hold true according to the Catholic Catechism and Protestant doctrine.
  • The Books of Moses were for the most part written by priests almost 1000 years after Moses.

The presented facts will shock many an innocent and credulous contemporary, who must now recognize without a doubt how the doctrine and practice of the Chair of Peter – and its protestant offshoot – disclose what it truly is. But convince yourself of this!

An excerpt from the text:


(With several illustrations including photographs and sketches in support of the arguments made in the text. Examples include skulls hanging from church arches and the bones of “martyrs” adorning a chapel near Prague. They also include sketches showing the history of the church’s “Mother Mary” symbolism which were used in pagan religions long before Jesus of Nazareth—for example, images of the Egyptian goddess Isis, the Hindu queen of the devas Indrani with her child, and the legendary Lydian-Babylonian queen Semiramis with her child Tammuz.)



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Who is Sitting on the Chair of Peter?