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Vegetarians – Godless Heretics?

What meat-eaters and vegetarians alike should know


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It is more and more obvious that excessive meat consumption is a severe problem. It causes obesity, heart disease and other illnesses in people. It causes unspeakable agonies in factory farming and a cruel death in the slaughterhouse. Left behind are clear-cut rainforests, contaminated soil and groundwater—and a planet Earth that is being driven directly into the climate disaster.

Who brought this on us? … The hunters? The butchers? The industry bosses? The greedy consumers? Everyone together? Anyone who sharpens his view finds the profession that already centuries ago laid the cornerstone for the brutal disregard of life—and upholds this “tradition” until today … Those who don’t join in are, until today, considered “godless heretics.”

An excerpt:

“All true prophets of God and the apostles spoke against the killing of animals and against eating meat, just like Jesus of Nazareth. His penetrating words are repeated here: ‘Verily, I say to you, I Am come to into the world in order to put an end to all blood offerings and to the eating of the flesh of animals and birds that are slain by men.'”

Another sample:

“About 1600 years ago, Jerome (347-420) compiled the first comprehensive translation of the Bible (into Latin). He knew that Jesus said not to eat meat. Why did Jerome not include this teaching in the New Testament, even though there are apocryphal writing that unequivocally report about this? Why not? That the followers of the Nazarene were vegetarians made them heretics, a fringe group to be fought against in the eyes of the people among the folks and those in power, who still clung very much to the old customs of blood sacrifice. (So, what is it like today?) … “

Illustrations (photos): A variety of black and white photos accompany the text throughout the book, putting on display the various forms of abuse and suffering inflicted on animals by human beings: whether for consumption, clothing, scientific experiments (vivisection), or otherwise. Other black and white images show various aspects of the church and its history, such as a black and white sketch of a human torture device used by the Catholic Church during the Inquisition, demonstrating the extent to which the church would go to silence its detractors.)

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Vegetarians – Godless Heretics?