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Activate Your Self-Healing Forces

Do you want to learn how to activate your self-healing forces? Would you like to get to the bottom of the causes of diseases and achieve holistic healing with the help of the Christ of God?

Self-Healing Forces in the Human Being

Then you will find a rich treasury of answers, indications and help in the books of the Gabriele Publishing House—The Word, which are given to us through the prophetess and emissary of God, Gabriele. The various titles on the subject of healing and health provide insight into previously unknown spiritual correlations and show in all facets how we can achieve a holistic healing of soul and body.

What activates the self-healing forces?

More and more people have an inkling of this or know from their own experience that true healing comes from within. The vernacular knows many a connection between an inner condition and physical ailments, for instance: Something upsets the stomach, gets to the kidneys or even breaks one’s heart.

Activate the Self-Healing Forces in You

With the books of the Gabriele Publishing House—The Word on the subject of healing, you will learn to get to the bottom of the spiritual causes of ailments and to activate the self-healing powers in your cells.

What is holistic healing?

Jesus of Nazareth gave us a simple rule for life:

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.”

If we apply this standard to our life, to our thinking, speaking and acting, we notice quite quickly where we can start, in order to activate and strengthen the self-healing forces and achieve holistic healing. Let us ask ourselves, for example: Which of our fellow people do we reproach? Whom do we meet with rejection or even hatred? And why?

In countless revelations through Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of the present time, the Christ of God leads us to self-awareness and guides us to recognize and clean up our wrongdoings. This simply means: Forgiving and asking for forgiveness and no longer doing what we have recognized.  This is the beginning of healing, for the soul and body. This is the true holistic “medicine.”

In the book, “God Heals,” we read, for example:

Self-Healing Forces in Water

God is spirit. God is energy. The human body, like all other coarse-material forms of life, is transformed-down en­ergy, compressed spirit. It lives on the material level of vi­bration that corresponds to it. The Spirit, God, however, vivifies life and thus every one of us.

If we open ourselves to God, the Spirit, by raising our world of thoughts and feelings to a higher vibration, that is, by striving to think noble, pure and good thoughts and by speaking what we can affirm with our feelings and thoughts, then we find our way to the origin of life, to the Spirit. Then we open ourselves for the eternal source of strength and attain relief and healing

How can I get to the bottom of the cause of my illness?

The basic knowledge from the divine Wisdom includes: Every illness has its cause. And this cause goes far beyond questions of nutrition. Everyone shapes or programs their body cells and thus, also their immune system, through their thinking, feeling, talking and doing.

Negative, quarrelsome and egoistic behavior, reproach, hatred and the like impair the body cells, which, in the long run, can lead to indispositions and a weakening of cells and organs. On the other hand, positive, uplifting thoughts, behavior patterns and forgiveness have a positive effect on our physical milieu. Our immune system strengthens, and since everything is energy—what goes out from us comes back to us.

Thus, every person who wants to get to the bottom of an illness has a simple tool at hand, namely self-recognition: How do I think about my fellow people, how do I behave toward them? And: How do I treat animals and plants? Which diet do I choose—a plant-based diet or a diet based on animal suffering? Human beings, as cosmic beings, belong to the divine unity.

What they inflict on others—whether human or animal—they inflict on themselves. Thus, an honest self-examination can give us insight into the causes of diseases and complaints—the first step towards healing.

Activate the Inner Physician and Healer

If we want to activate the self-healing forces in us, then we have a helper at our side: The Christ of God, the Inner Physician and Healer.
In the book “Cause and Development of All Illness,” we find the following passage about the Inner Physician and Healer. Christ, who is the redeeming and healing force in the innermost being of each person:

God is love. All men and souls receive this love – according to their spiritual development and maturity. The part-stream coming from the Redeemer-power – the power of comfort and healing – does not yet directly stimulate evolution in soul and person. Instead, it supports, comforts, helps and heals, so that the weak soul and suffering person may receive strength to then be able to walk the path of evolution. Once the shackles of great soul burdens have been loosened, and the spiritual life begins to germinate in soul and person, the redeeming and uplifting power then starts working more intensely to lead soul and person to higher spirituality.

We realize that God, the Eternal, does not send us illness and suffering —He is the absolute love, the highest power that always wants to assist us. So let us set out to find the causes of illnesses within ourselves and to change our thinking and behavior by living the love for God and neighbor more and more. Then we can not only achieve health for our body, but find God within us and the redeeming power of the Christ of God, who wants to lead us into a life in unity with people, plants and animals.

Books and CDs on the topic of holistic healing and self-healing forces

From the Kingdom of God, we are given help upon help to attain true healing, the healing for body and soul. For nearly five decades, God, the Eternal, and His Son, the Christ of God, have been giving revelations through the teaching prophetess and emissary of the present time, Gabriele.

Discover in the following selection of books and CDs the key to holistic healing that lies within yourself. Or browse the full range of our Books on Healing and Meditation. Or are you looking for e-books on Healing or CDs for Meditation?

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