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Recognize and Heal Yourself Through the Power of the Spirit


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Front Cover of Recognize and Heal Yourself, a deep spiritual book on healing, the Chakras and Christianity, the Christ Chakra, Christian energy healing, Christianity and energy healing and, finally, Healing From Within
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Recognize and Heal Yourself Through the Power of the Spirit

A Book on Christ’s Supreme Healing Power

The Christ Chakra, and a True Christian Energy Healing


“Chakras” and Christianity: The Seven Consciousness Centers

The seven consciousness centers in each of us are the switching points of the spiritual-divine life-forces and healing energy. In the teachings of prophetic Christianity, these “chakras,” or consciousness centers, form the link between soul and body and allow self-healing forces to flow. The Spirit and consciousness of Christ flows strongest in the Christ Center within us, also called by some the Christ Chakra. He, the great healer and comforter wants us to be well and transform our negative thinking into positive, healing energy—but only if the person wants it—to live a more Christian, peaceful, kind and loving life, full of health and radiance.

Samples from the Book on Chakras, Christianity and Healing with Energy: Healing from Within

On Christianity and Energy Healing

This book explains the process in the cells by which the great Inner Physician and Healer heals:

“Recognize, O human being: God is spirit and the Spirit lives in you. His dynamic power is in every cell of your body. However, if a person feeds his cells with base thoughts and words, and with unlawful food, his cells become purely material cell children. Just like the soul, the cell structure, too, reacts to every stirring, positive as well as negative. Therefore, the human being should endeavor to develop only highly vibrating thoughts, and to lead a life according to the law of the Lord. Through careless thinking and acting, the person begins to reduce the ether powers in the cells of his body, which causes the cell children, the cells of the body, to become ever weaker and finally, ill.” 

Christian energy healing is possible for all people, step by step, if they want it — because Christ lives in each of us.

“The ether powers in a human being are the Inner Physician and Healer, which every person can invoke. If a person turns to Him in a lawful way and leads a corresponding life, this Inner Physician goes to work immediately and becomes active in the cell children. God, the Lord, the ether power in the person, is willing to help the child and to serve him at any time.”

Knowledge of Chakras for a true Christianity and Healing

True Christianity incorporates knowledge of the chakras and programming them for healing with Christ:

“It has already been revealed that the person who wants to undergo a divine spiritual schooling to become a true Christian, a Christian of the inner being, must learn to master his body. The best way to do this is by programming the brain and soul toward God every morning. This programming should be repeated during the day. Through the powers of recognition of the Spirit, the truly striving God-seeker will also gradually learn what food is good and wholesome for him. The prerequisite for this is that, above all, the person practice self-control and self-discipline and not merely pay attention to his food. In this regard, closely monitoring his sensations and thoughts is important, because a base thought harms a person more than bad eating habits that do not vibrate in the law of God. With negative thoughts, carnal inclinations build up in the soul and in the human being, which induce him to commit base deeds. …”

About the Christ Chakra, and the Relief of Tension

Gabriele explains how to activate the Christ Chakra, and therefore the healing energy, to assuage issues of tension:

“… Thereupon, say a short prayer request and free yourself totally of troublesome thoughts. Surrender all your thoughts to the Christ-power, which is active in the fourth consciousness center in your chest. Provided you cannot yet concentrate on this Christ-light, then first push all base inclinations and thoughts, which make you restless and bring a lack of peace, away from you and see them as a picture that forms outside of your own self. Briefly watch this thought-picture, which formed outside of you, and analyze what troubles and oppresses you.”

A Small Selection of Healing Topics from the Contents

  • Part 1: The Human Being as an Energy Field of the Spirit – The Right Way of Life to Stay Healthy and Spiritually Active

    • The positive or negative programming in the morning is decisive
    • The willfulness of the fallen spirit beings led to the condensation of matter, to the human being with his illnesses and blows of fate
    • Blessedness and well-being by the power of thoughts
    • All that is condensed must be transformed
    • The reaction of the body cells to negative thoughts and medications
    • The knowing person can make use of the upbuilding odic forces of all life forms
    • The law of cause and effect
    • Animal foods develop sensuality, a hard heart and brutality in human beings
    • What vibrations adhere to animal products and to organic foods?
    • Thoughtlessly treated natural products reduce their energy-giving qualities
    • The heart prayer and its actualization is the highest dispenser of energy
    • Illnesses, physical and spiritual death as the result of wrong thinking and acting
  • Part 2: The Spiritual Vegetarian – Self-Healing of Various Illnesses

    • Conduct with headaches – Possible causes of this complaint
    • The healing ether powers in dew
    • The alignment with the magnetic currents of the Earth – A support for the sick or weak organism
    • Healing meditation for brain tumors and mental retardation. Pointers for the absorption of the Earth’s magnetic currents with brain injury, epilepsy and the like
    • Increased activity of the ether powers by way of self-analysis and refinement
    • Praise the cells of your body – The life force in them will increase
    • The life is in the herbs – The ether power is the best remedy
    • Get to know the anatomy of your soul body and activate the consciousness centers
    • Further instructions for activating the fourth center of consciousness – Heart and circulatory problems
    • Composure – An upright posture – Physical exercises
    • The spiritual treatment of the spinal column
    • Changing our thought and practice into a God-conscious, positive way of thinking and acting
    • Your fate lies in your hand
    • Daily preparation of the soul in the morning
    • How can I keep my soul and body in harmony
    • The Second Part of the Book contains chapters which specifically address Christianity and the chakras, and how to activate the Christian energy healing through them, for example:
      • The First Chakra — the Coccyx
      • The Third Chakra: Your digestive organ, the stomach, also obeys the third consciousness center
      • The Christ Chakra: Activating the Fourth Center of Consciousness, the Christ Chakra, where Christ’s Redeemer-light is most active — Heart and circulatory problems; illnesses of the Lungs
      • Fifth Consciousness Center – Toothache, festering tonsils, illnesses of the respiratory organs — Larynx, vocal cords, breathing
      • The Sixth Chakra: Illnesses in your head can be relieved or healed by activating the sixth consciousness center
  • Part 3: Further Instructions and Recommendations Concerning Certain Illnesses

    • Conduct when feeling fatigue, depression and loss of energy
    • General indications for the illness of cancer
    • Cleansing the body should also take place from within
  • Part 4: The Various Fragrances and Their Effects

  • Part 5: The Significance of Colors and Sounds and Their Effects on the Soul and the Person

  • Part 6: . . . Summary of the most important laws of God revealed in this book

Illustrations of the Chakras, in Christianity

This book includes two Schematic Drawings of the human body and its Consciousness Centers and identifies the organs associated with each.  (Also includes an “Index of Healing Herbs and their Latin Nomenclature”).

Often neglected in Christianity until now, the chakras as detailed and explained in this book through the prophetic word provide a clear way forward for Christian energy healing, Christ-centered healing for consciousness and a healthier soul and body.

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Front Cover of Recognize and Heal Yourself, a deep spiritual book on healing, the Chakras and Christianity, the Christ Chakra, Christian energy healing, Christianity and energy healing and, finally, Healing From Within
Recognize and Heal Yourself Through the Power of the Spirit