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Words of Life for the Health of Soul and Body

This book is based on the Christ-Revelation "Cause and Development of All Illness"


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Quantum Energy Healing, Thought Power and Quantum Therapy: Cover for spiritual nonfiction book: Words of Life for the Heal of Soul and Body.
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Product Information

Words of Life for the Health of Soul and Body

Prophetic Teachings on the Power of our Thought,

Spiritual Quanta & Quantum Energy Healing

A Book for Spiritual Healing

Thought Power and Quantum Healing Therapy: Energy within All of Us

Learn about the quantum healing energy flowing through us — and how to harness these powers — in this divine revelation from our eternal homeland. This revelation helps us to understand the processes in the inner being of a person which then lead to illness or to health—things that science is hardly aware of.  Thought power, that is, the power of our thoughts should not go unrecognized. Whether we call it quantum energy healing, inner healing, spiritual healing or quantum therapy, one thing is clear: God wants us to be well! Through the living and thinking in an ethical way, and a life that strives more and more toward God, the healing energies increase within us, and we grow closer to Him.

Healing with Quanta — Commonly Asked Questions:

In this divine revelation, we learn about the power of thought, its effect on life and about holistic quantum healing. Beyond this, we gain knowledge about the history of the universe, correlations between the spiritual cosmos and the material world. Accordingly, we learn about the frontier zones between Spirit and matter, and where does this leave us?

Here are a few questions which are answered in this book of 444 pages. See also below for selected excerpts from the text!

  • What are quanta, the spiritual carriers of energy? How does quantum healing take place?
  • How do illness or health emerge in the body?
  • What influence does our way of living have on our health, and what role does the power of our thought play in our life?
  • What is the effect of the destructive behavior of human beings on nature, on the animals…and on their own state of health?
  • How might a quantum therapy take place — what are specific actions and steps I can take?
  • Are there certain prayers which can help me in my healing journey?

Selected Excerpts from this Spiritual Revelation

The Role of “Quanta” in Quantum Energy Healing

The following is an excerpt from the book, demonstrating the workings of the quanta, spiritual part-powers, which form the basis for a true energy healing—on the quantum level.

“Both soul and person consist of atoms. The soul consists of spiritual atoms, the human being of material atoms. And yet, spiritual energy radiates into the material, into the power that has been transformed down. This happens via so-called quanta.

Quanta are spiritual part-powers. They are the building blocks for the material life. Via these spiritual part-powers, the quanta, the spirit power flows into the physical body. Prior to this, however, the sub-quanta, as I call them, come into effect. They bring about the influx of the spirit power into the quanta. They cannot be perceived by human beings because they are the pure spiritual substance of the material atoms.

… Thus, people’s way of thinking, speaking and acting determines the number and effectiveness of the quanta. Hence, people themselves determine the intensity and number of spiritual part-powers, of quanta. For this reason, in the material atoms of the human organism either a low or a higher number of spiritual part-powers may be present and effective. …”

Thought Power: The Dangerous Power Potential of Thought … and the Opportunity for Healing

Christ though Gabriele describes the dangerous potential lying in the power of our thoughts and, therefore, the importance of monitoring them:

“Those who are not on their guard and carelessly let day after day go by, who do not monitor their thoughts and do not counter the negative thoughts, the thoughts of hatred and envy, jealousy and self-love, with positive, selfless, constructive, that is, lawful, thoughts, waste their precious life energy. They live, and do not know why. Their earthly garment dies, and their soul does not know where the journey goes. …

Thoughts, words, and actions are seeds that fall into the aura, into the person, and then into the soul. If they are not recognized in time, they begin to germinate and sprout, bringing forth fruits of their own kind. If they are not recognized in time, they go where large energy fields are active that radiate in a like or similar way as the thought of the sender. That is, they go to the “realm of thought” and there, they call up similar kinds of thoughts. The thoughts then band together into an energy complex and then return to the sender. They influence the sender and endeavor to cause whatever it was that the sender may have feared.”

However, when we monitor our thoughts and shift them to the positive, we have a great opportunity. Light energy can permeate our days, and quantum healing can take place:

“… Pay attention to your thoughts! Strive day after day to monitor and control your thoughts! Surrender the negative, and act in accordance with the law, by sowing love instead of hatred, by sowing good will instead of jealousy and passion! Always have the well-being of people and of the Earth in mind! Then you will do good.

In this way, many things can be neutralized and transformed in your soul. Negativity, that is, burdensome things such as illness and destructive actions, is transformed. You remain or become healthy. Instead of acting destructively, you become a benevolent, kind person who respects and appreciates life.”

Ultimately as Christ explains in this text, whether it’s in relation to quantum healing or life itself, thoughts are decisive. He says, “It is precisely the world of people’s thoughts that is the decisive complex that lends wings to them or shadows them, depending on how they feel, think, speak and act.”

The Power of Thoughts to Change the World. A Quantum Energy Healing… for the Universe?

The divine world also describes how the power of thoughts could change the world (indeed the whole solar system!), for the better:

“Thoughts are powers. Positive, divine thoughts and lawful actions change not only the Earth’s radiation toward the positive and constructive, but also that of the entire solar system. Through humankind’s positive orientation toward the divine, the entire solar system could be raised in its vibration. What has a higher vibration also receives increased powers from the eternal law, God. The spiritual development of humankind would bring about a change from the lower to the higher. If individual people had put in order the seven times seven spiritual powers effective in them—the fullness from God—by living a pure life, and were thus able to draw from them, unimagined possibilities would be given to them.”

From the Contents

The below topics are just a few topics covered in the text regarding quantum healing, therapy and the power of thought.

Explanations regarding the makeup of the Universe and the History of How We Became Human Beings

  • The separation from the consciousness of unity and the emergence of matter
  • Like attracts like—Unlike repels unlike. A discussion of spiritual planets
  • Shadowed versus self-luminous. The “germ of being” and “core of being” are the switching points in the spiritual atoms
  • The primordial energy, God—the Father-Mother-Principle—The seven basic powers of God
  • Infinity is in a state of continual expansion and evolution
  • Mentality, polarity and duality
  • God has no secrets

The State of Human Consciousness: Thought Power begets Illness… or Health.

  • Christ gives this revelation to awaken souls and human beings to life
  • Matter is transitory, the manifestation of negative thought forms
  • Every being “sees” only what corresponds to its own consciousness. To the pure being everything is open and clear.
  • Expansion of consciousness. Insights into higher spheres versus orientation to this world.
  • Human beings are prisoners of their ego; Human consciousness is limited to time and space. 
  • God works via the law of cause and effect.
  • Negative and destructive forces weaken soul and body, and lead to blows of fate and illness
  • The chance given by reincarnation: every illness has its cause.

Effects of Negative Thought and Actions on the Planet Earth

  • The Earth, a living organism, is built by cosmic radiation.
  • Human beings create dissonances in innocent life forms and burden their own soul
  • Ecological balance in the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms: the importance to human beings
  • A spiritual development of humankind
  • The extinction of many animal and plant genera; the change of instincts
  • The disturbance of the magnetic fields, energy potentials
  • The role of the nervous system in the development of illnesses and blows of fate
  • Beneficial and harmful effects of the rays of the sun. The effects of water and pollution.
  • Pests, parasites, bacteria and viruses and their cause
  • Every action is followed by a reaction: what we do to animals and plants will fall back on us
  • The New Era will be introduced with the cleansing of the Earth.

Spiritual Health and Wellness: A Quantum Energy Healing

  • The role of the nervous system in the development of illnesses and blows of fate
  • Every organ is vibration, color, sound
  • The vibration of viruses and the vibration of the human body
  • The sounding board of the body — Tension blocks the inflow of the life force
  • Live your life consciously! Recognize the cause in time, by monitoring your thoughts, before it comes into effect
  • Three aspects of consciousness: spirit consciousness, consciousness and subconscious.
  • Holistic therapy — How natural remedies work
  • Healing takes place in the spirit consciousness of each cell
  • Recommendations for those seeking healing: Right thinking and praying—Harmonious physical exercises—Addressing the organs—Meditation of tranquility—Lawful nutrition—Harmonious body rhythm—Controlled speaking
  • The case of contagious diseases and cancer — Mysterious illnesses — Helplessness
  • Positive thinking and living strengthens the spirit power
  • Present-day people are externalized, disharmonious and full of doubts
  • Oxygen, fresh air, clean water, movement, a change of milieu and the right kind of food
  • Harmony brings about health: The inner shapes the outer and vice versa. Harmony in terms of clothing, colors, sounds
  • Causes and effects in dealing with the poor
  • Soul burdens are like magnets
  • The body is the vehicle of the soul
  • Neurotoxins—Nerve fever. About fear and forgiveness
  • The quanta, the spiritual part-powers, are the spiritual bearers of energy. The foundation for a quantum energy therapy.
  • Human beings are far from having explored their inner possibilities, the powers of thought

For the Physicians: Assisting the Spirit in Healing, Quantum Energy Therapy

The following topics covered in this book are addressed specifically to physicians who wish to assist patients in healing on a spiritual or quantum level.

  • Quantum energetic healing and quantum therapy: A cautious adjustment of the organism—The patients learn to pay attention to the reactions of their body—The patients should support the therapy in their thoughts and be prepared for related consequences
  • Establishing a diagnosis together
  • The self-destructive attitude of a patient
  • Causes in the soul
  • The body rhythm
  • Natural remedies, potencies
  • “Houses of Health” — A positive clinic atmosphere and harmony among physicians and nursing staff — Hospital equipment and furnishings
  • Changing the milieu by prescription
  • Harmonious music and physical exercises
  • People’s outer appearance reflects the causes of their illness
  • Life counseling by people of the Spirit

And much more…

For more on spiritual healing and therapy topics, like Quantum Energy Healing, the Power of our Thoughts, and healing meditation and prayer, visit our page “Activate Your Self-Healing Forces.”

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Quantum Energy Healing, Thought Power and Quantum Therapy: Cover for spiritual nonfiction book: Words of Life for the Heal of Soul and Body.
Words of Life for the Health of Soul and Body