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A Woman’s Life in Service of the Eternal

My Path as the Teaching Prophetess and Emissary of God at this Turn of Time


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Read about the Life of a Prophet. For over 40 years, Gabriele has been serving God, the Eternal, as His teaching prophetess and emissary. In her autobiographical descriptions, she gives us insight into her development as a human being and into her calling to become the prophetess of God, as well as what it means to bring His word, His love and Wisdom to the Earth in our time.

From the motivation to help and support others with what she has experienced and learned, Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of God, allows the reader to take part in her life as a woman in service of the Eternal. Gabriele vividly depicts experiences from her life starting with her early childhood. She describes the beginning of the prophetic word, the direct training from the Spirit of God and the building of the worldwide work of the Christ of God. She reports about the deep joy of being one with God, our eternal Father, and also about the adversities and attacks, which she had to withstand as a woman in service of the Eternal.

In conclusion to the autobiographical depictions, contemporary witnesses give brief insights into the significant strength of Gabriele’s creative energy and superhuman achievement that Gabriele accomplished and still accomplishes in full until today, through her life as a woman for the Kingdom of God, for her fellowmen, for all souls, yes, for the creation of God.

The memories given in this book from Gabriele are being published for the first time to their full extent. Read about the life of a prophet, for the first time in her own words.

A few samples from this autobiography:

“If theologians would teach what Jesus taught the people and lived as an example for them…then they would have to admit that theologians are superfluous. That would be too much for those who like to hear themselves talk…God, our eternal Father, does not comply with theological opinions, nor according to human interpretations of the Bible.”

“Viewed from today’s perspective, I realize that my soul was striving for unfoldment and justice. The child put this urging of the soul into practice in dynamism, also in sports and every kind of activity. Already as a child I was physically very strong. I was the first to clim the cherry tree even though I was a girl. No tree was too high for me. No river was too deep or too wide …”

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A Woman’s Life in Service of the Eternal