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The Men’s World – Yesterday and Today (Softbound)

The Three Attributes of the Father-Mother-God and the Capitulation of the Satanist


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Product Information

This book by Gabriele, the teaching prophetess and emissary of the Eternal Kingdom, gives an encompassing insight into cosmic events that took place far back into the past. It is about the very beginning of the Fall in the battle against the Kingdom of God, the eternal law of the love for God and neighbor. It is the battle of the Fall-beings, who behind the scenes of this world, continue to influence the fate of all life on the Earth, indeed, of all people and souls, according to their principle: “Divide, bind and rule.” However, the Fall-system is drawing to a close …

The Fall had consequences. In the times of times, until today, a men’s world was built up. It bore, in itself, the decline that is becoming more and more visible in the present time. Thus, the attributes of God, the Patience, the Love and the Mercy, are in all the men’s world extremely atrophied. Since then, the woman was not only denigrated by the men’s world, but also disdained, and, depending on the country and religious order, was considered inferior and deprived of her human rights. …

The Men’s World – Yesterday and Today (Softbound)