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From Abraham to Gabriele


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The author draws a great bow that encompasses the word of God and allows us to recognize the great plan of God, which has been drawn uninterruptedly throughout the millennia: The return of all fallen beings into the eternal Father’s house – from Abraham, about 4000 years ago, to Gabriele today. The word of the prophets is being fulfilled—despite the ill will and hostilities of the priestly religions.

The works of all the emissaries of God are not some kind of patchwork that developed by chance, in which the word of the Eternal is brought to the people here and there. The prophetic Spirit, which is active through the bearers of the word, is embedded in the great plan of the Kingdom of God to guide back the fallen beings, which in the very basis of their souls, are divine beings from the eternal homeland. Through the call of His messengers, the Eternal, the universal, free Spirit, God, wants to move us human beings to turn back and change our ways and to show us the way home, back to the Father’s house. Like a string of pearls, the word of God is directed to us human beings, according to the people’s state of consciousness of the respective time and their society, in an ever broader and more comprehensive scope, with ever more in-depth spiritual teachings for us human beings.

An excerpt from the book:

“If the institutional churches had mustered the evidence that to them the prophetic word of the Eternal is the leading and guiding line for their actions, then now, 2700 years after Isaiah and Hosea, 2600 years after Jeremiah, 2000 years after Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ of God, the Earth would have to be a totally different place. Peace among people, peace among nations and peoples would be a matter of course. The weapons would have been reworked into plowshares. Man would live in unity with the plants and animals, yes, with the entire Mother Earth.”


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From Abraham to Gabriele