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Are You Who You Think You Are? (Book with Music CD)

A contemplation accompanied by music


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Every person has his name and his proof of identification – and usually knows precisely who he thinks he is. But is he really this? What is concealed behind the mostly positively arranged everyday facade? Gabriele guides us into a fascinating self-contemplation and motivates a new orientation, with the help of a “nameless matrix-person” drawn up by ourselves.

The book is accompanied by a CD with beautiful, tranquil instrumental music, which we can listen to during the self-observation and meditative contemplation.

Reading Sample:

“Many a one could now protest and say, ‘Well, it may very well be that my life – as with most people – shows a certain ambiguity. But why should I take the effort to recognize myself? Why should I know more about myself than I already do? I feel good where I’m at, and am quite content with my life.’ …

Many think this way because they do not know what the meaning and purpose of their life on Earth is all about. But on the one hand, the situation in one’s life can change from one day to the next in anyone’s life, when, according to the law of sowing and reaping, those things come toward him which he sowed and were not so good, and which he did not clear up. On the other hand, our life does not come to an end with the death of our body. Our life continues in the “beyond” -though without the masks behind which we hid, here on Earth, our true face, our not-so-good character traits.”

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Are You Who You Think You Are? (Book with Music CD)