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Me, Me, Me – The Spider in the Web

The Law of Correspondence and The Law of Projection


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What is Reap What You Sow? Karma? Learn about Karmic Debt and Karmic Lessons in this Startling Book
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Me, Me, Me – The Spider in the Web

You Reap What You Sow: Karma, Karmic Debt and Karmic Lessons

Spiritual Influence, Manipulation and the Dangers of Negative Thinking


What is Reap What You Sow? … What is Karma?

As we were warned 2000 years ago, we live dangerously in the law of Sowing and Reaping.  Hence, the alarming message of this book… We hear more and more about “karmic debt” and “karmic lessons” …but what is karma anyway? Is karma simply the “Reap what you sow” which Jesus of Nazareth taught millennia ago?  Does it lie only with Eastern religions and practices or, on the contrary, is it a fundamental principle for understanding the teachings of “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself?” and “Do Unto Others”?

Karmic Debt is Cause and Effect

Everyone learns in school about cause and effect and that no energy is lost. So, must it not be true on a spiritual level, too? Thus: in the law of sowing and reaping, we weave a dangerous web of causes and effects. But we are not only dangers to ourselves, but also to our fellow people. Likewise, if we are not careful, we can fall victim to the spiritual manipulation and influence of others.

As long as we think and act negatively, we remain caught in a network of egoism, envy, resentment and a lack of love. It is the web of our “correspondences” (“karmic debt” or “sins”) into which we have spun ourselves. Thus, like a spider, these energetic complexes await us, like prey. So-called karmic debt be cleared through so-called blows of fate, or karmic lessons, but also through the power of Christ, forgiving and asking for forgiveness and trusting ever more in Him.

This book exposes what takes place among us human beings in terms of influencing and manipulation, and, at the same time, lifts the veils which hide from our eyes what invisibly takes place on the Earth and in the realms of the souls. Spiritual manipulation and influence are not rare (see also: Astral Horror). Our wrongful behavior has consequences, which cannot simply be waved away. Yet the book delivers a hopeful message: we can find our way out of human entanglements. The power of Christ is on our side, when we accept it.

This Book Ultimately Gives Hope

One need not fear the truth because, as Jesus taught, the truth will set us free. Below is an excerpt from Gabriele, which makes clear that, despite the dangers of this life, we can escape the webs we’ve woven. Christ is with us, and He, the truth, will set us free:

“… As long as we live our sinfulness to the full, we will be influenced and controlled by these, our correspondences. Once we become aware of this and begin very gradually to find our way out of this cycle of sinning and influencing our neighbor, in order to live more and more from the Spirit of God, we will understand ever more that for this path there is only one helper: Christ.

If we take one step toward Christ in us, by trying more each day to fulfill the commandments of God, then Christ will come several steps toward us. Only in this way do we find our way out of the straitjacket of our sins and gradually come into communication with our divine heritage. This is the liberation …”

And, when we begin by striving to God, we can also do wonders for others on this Earth.

“A person who takes the steps toward Christ sows good thoughts and brings a good seed into the atmosphere through the principle “send good, receive good.” … A good thought, a good drop, from the sending potential of a person who is striving toward God can stimulate a fellow person to not do something that otherwise might have ruined his whole life on Earth.”

More From the Contents: Karmic Lessons and the Laws of Projection and Correspondence

The below represent further chapters and topics contained across more than 300 pages.

Reap What You Sow, Karma… What Danger Lies in our own Karmic Debt?

  • Influencing and manipulating our neighbor by projecting our correspondences
  • The reciprocal imprinting of our senses and of our feelings, sensations, thoughts, words and actions shapes our behavior patterns.
  • What is Karma? Nothing happens by chance. Our correspondences mark us. Everyone is themself responsible for their own inputs.
  • The cup is full. Reincarnation — The key to reap what you sow and the expiation of karma. Programs we set up today are components for future incarnations.
  • A world-encompassing web of karma and a worldwide genetic chain.
  • Our life partner or spouse—our closest neighbor. Building up and expanding the web of bindings in marriage and partnership
  • Making excuses …
  • Via programs of curiosity: stress, dissonances in the nervous system.
  • Desires, cravings and envy lead to alcoholism, gluttony, sexual excesses, drug addiction… The causes remain not cleared up, and stem perhaps from previous existences. Regression into past incarnations is not lawful.
  • Transplants, transfusions: taking over foreign information — Gene manipulation — A chess move of the demons. By creating a homunculus, a “Brave New World”?
  • “Subdue the Earth”? A person with much karmic debt, that is a heavily burdened soul, has no feelings for the suffering creatures. What a human being does to the nature kingdoms will fall back on him.

Spiritual History and the Origin of Humankind

Masks & Illusions: Karmic Debt, and the Karmic Webs We Weave

  • Much talking, gesticulating, fidgeting — everything betrays us…
  • The law of correspondence envelops the truth and narrows a person’s field of vision.
  • If we are not willing to recognize and clear up debt, that is our correspondences, our karmic inputs can control us. Base souls influence human beings via their programs of addiction.
  • Living in a world of pictures — Fulfillment of our desires through souls? The great danger in “harmless” picture games
  • The character, behavior and body structure of a person are formed by his feelings, sensations, thoughts, words and actions. The mixing board of programs. The computer “human being” veils his true intentions.
  • The character portrait of a know-it-all: The one who takes in the opinions and concepts of another becomes a part of him; both are tied to each other. Karmic lessons are afoot.
  • A person who is externally programmed hardly lives his own life anymore; he lacks feelings and is controlled.
  • The correlation between an outer posture and an inner bearing. Correspondences and weaknesses lie hidden behind striking a pose; thus, a mask.
  • Character and lack of character, positive and negative changes of our character profile. The individual’s network of programs becomes the world in which he lives.

Spiritual Help to Escape the Web: Solutions to Karmic Debt, Correspondences, “Sin” 

This book also provides much help for those who seek to live a life closer to God and free from bindings. We can escape a karmic lesson, or a blow of fate, by turning to God and living the high ethics and moral brought to us by Christ in Jesus of Nazareth. The below chapters may be of help to us:

  • Every expression of life is preceded by a communication. Therefore, by analyzing our world of feelings, we figure out what lies behind our emotions.
  • The wise, luminous person with a high soul radiation and a refined body structure
  • Further, people with a high degree of actualization see through their neighbor.
  • The person who likewise strives for the high spiritual ethics refines his senses and enters into communication with the law of God more and more.

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What is Reap What You Sow? Karma? Learn about Karmic Debt and Karmic Lessons in this Startling Book
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