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eBook – Liobani: I Advise – Do You Accept?

For Families, and Children from 6 to 12 years of age


eBook for Liobani: I Advise - Do You Accept? Magical Bedtime Stories with Morals, and Magical Stories for any age. Are Fairytales Real? Fairytales are Real!
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Product Information

Magic Bedtime Stories with Morals: “True Fairy Stories!”

From: “Liobani: I Advise – Do You Accept?” (eBook)


Magical Stories with Morals for Bedtime

“True Fairy Stories!” Magical bedtime stories with morals for an ethical life (in eBook form). These stories include animals and nature’s spiritual helpers and demonstrate how we can all live a more kind, loving life — toward each other, and also toward beings in nature.  These are true stories and not fairy tales. Fairies and other spiritual beings work together, with the power of the Creator-Spirit, to protect and care for all people and animals.

This eBook helps parents to guide children into a confident, caring life, toward all living beings.

Reading Samples

The following are a just a few samples from the section of the book, which contains loving bedtime stories, filled with morals and a loving attitude toward the “magic” of life.

An Elf and a Dwarf find a Loving Human to Help a Baby Deer:

…Encouraged and filled with joy that they are also nature helpers, the little elf Go-with-Me raised her soft voice and said:

“…The little fawn, ‘Mother Love’, lay there in pain crying pitifully. We said to it, dear little fawn, Mother Love, we bring you the sun’s greetings. What happened? We understood from the little fawn’s sensations that early in the morning it was grazing. Suddenly it heard shots.  Still awkward, it wanted to flee over stones and rough terrain back to its mother. But the fawn hit its foot against a rock so that it was now hurting badly.

‘What shall we do now?’ asked Hannilove. ‘Such a broken leg has to be bandaged, if not even splinted. From the sunrays, we could reinforce the soothing and healing forces and direct them to Mother Love; but we need the help of a human being to set the broken bone.

Hannilove called a fire spirit for help and said: ‘Together we will direct the forest ranger to Mother Love.’ Hannilove petted the little fawn and also stroked my hair lovingly and said: ‘You can count on me, dear little elf.’  My heart overflowed and I said: ‘I know, Hannilove, you will bring help.’ And so Hannilove set off into the thicket to find help. …”

An Elf Named “Faith Little” Helps a Man Find His Way Again

The elf, Faith Little, tells of her service, and how she was able to show the way again to someone lost in the forest, and how the helping impulses that she emitted flowed into the person’s memory…

The elf reports. “Lost in thought, the man took one time this path and then another path in the woods, without paying attention to the trail signs that people put up for orientation.  He saw neither the woods nor the thicket, and didn’t even notice that he had left the path.

I tried to have an effect on him with my sensations. I called an air spirit and a fire spirit for help, but even they couldn’t get through to the hiker. The man became more and more immersed in his world of thoughts, and the hiker got tired and lay down on the woods’ floor and fell fast asleep.

Now, a new possibility to help was given: I called the shore flies and instructed them about their task. With their soft humming and with the beating of their wings, it is possible for them to calm a person’s restless aura and to magnetize and relax tense spots, so-called energy knots. When the flies move in the aura of a sleeping person, they activate this magnetic field. …”

Excerpts for Parents on How to Raise Ethical, Moral Children and Build Up a Positive Family Life

Help for Parents to Raise Strong, Independent Children

Dear parents, some good advice from Liobani: When your child comes home, don’t assail him or her with ques­tions, how school was and what tasks need to be done today. Endeavor to show your child that you respect its will and regard it as a spiritually mature person. That alone, already brings about self-confidence, dynamism and strength in the child.

If the child has become acclimated, that is, if it has made the switch from school to family, then you could direct well-considered questions to your child, whether it would to like to eat right away or first report about its lessons in school.

Phrase the question in such a way that the child senses that either one is fine with you, dear parents. In this way, you train your child to openness, to secu­rity, to inner freedom and also to the ability and strength to make decisions.

Another Excerpt on Developing Character in Children — and Children’s Inner Freedom

“Therefore, a person should be left their free will regarding a spiritual attitude toward life — this includes the small citizens of the Earth. However, that doesn’t mean that everything that the little citizens, the school child, wishes and what it wants should be fulfilled. In many cases, a serious yet loving tone of voice is sufficient. Consistency with understandable explanations brings much better results than strictness and harshness.”

From the Contents

Guidance on Raising a Child with Ethics and Morals, and Love for the Magic of Life (For the Parents)

  • Bringing up free, responsible human beings

The Child from Six to Nine Years of Age

  • Light and shadow in soul and person
  • The invisible beings of thought
  • Everyone has a different state of consciousness
  • The spiritual and the earthly school
  • Become a capable and useful person
  • Whatever you do to your neighbor, you do to yourself.
  • Recognition of abilities and talents, of difficulties and problems, in good time
  • Raising your child to think positively
  • When parents quarrel
  • The child’s favorite animal and favorite doll

Liobani Narrates: Stories for Anytime, Anywhere

  • The invisible helpers, the path of evolution for nature spirits, how they look and what they do
  • The spirits of the elements: Air, Fire, Water, Earth
  • How guardian angels and nature beings work together to support people on Earth

Advice for Home and School

  • Closing the day in the family
  • How to begin the morning
  • The school child, accompanied by the guardian angel
  • The law of sowing and reaping
  • The school lessons — How to approach lessons and classwork in a moral, spiritual way

Games to Play and Learn: Training the Senses, Concentration and Self-Recognition

  • A game with the senses
  • A game for training the concentration
  • A game of insight

Liobani Tells More Stories — for Bedtime or Anytime

  • Explanations: what are fairies and other invisible nature helpers?
  • Elf ‘Faith Little’ reports – The Lost Hiker and the Shoreflies
  • “Sly Fox” – A Fox Gets Trapped, and forest beings help to find him!
  • “The little fawn” – An injured baby deer is helped by a loving park ranger, and the dwarf and elf who worked together to find him
  • “Robin Redbreast” – A small bird hurts itself after being startled by a hunter. Can the forests’ invisible helpers find a human being to assist?
  • “The Sun Dance”

For the Growing Youth from Nine to Twelve Years

  • For the parents
  • Reviewing the book of life
  • Aptitude for a later occupation
  • The growing youth
  • Role model instead of authority

For the Young Brothers and Sisters

  • Personal experiences and decisions
  • Abilities, talents, qualities
  • Finding yourself
  • Setting a course
  • Selflessness
  • Who is Liobani? – What are the spirit beings?
  • The mountain spirit

Included Illustrations

Colorful Illustrations: This eBook contains vibrant narratives of animals, nature beings, children and elemental spirits, which are accompanied by vivid colored pencil illustrations that pop off the page. Illustrations include depictions of nature beings and spirit elementals: the fairy elementals and nymphs (water spirits), the nature beings that accompany the elf and gnome stories, the mountain spirit, and air and fire elementals.

About these Bedtime Stories with Morals: The eBook and other formats

This version of the book is the eBook, available in EPUB format. You may also find the same text and illustration in hardback form here: Liobani: I Advise – Do You Accept?


Explanations and stories

by LIOBANI, a pure spirit being

from the Eternal Kingdom, revealed
via the prophetess and emissary of God,



For children from 6 to 12 years of age

Very rich in teachings for adults, as well.

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eBook for Liobani: I Advise - Do You Accept? Magical Bedtime Stories with Morals, and Magical Stories for any age. Are Fairytales Real? Fairytales are Real!
eBook – Liobani: I Advise – Do You Accept?