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eBook – Liobani: I Advise – Do You Accept?

For Children from 6 to 12 years of age


eBook - Liobani: I Advise - Do You Accept?
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Product Information

Beautiful stories of animals and nature beings for children and for parents to help guide children into a life that is self-assured and positive toward all life forms.

A reading sample:

Dear parents, some good advice from Liobani: When your child comes home, don’t assail it with ques­tions, how school was and what tasks need to be done today.

Endeavor to show your child that you respect its will and regard it as a spiritually mature person. That alone, already brings about self-confidence, dynamism and strength in the child.

If the child has become acclimated, that is, if it has made the switch from school to family, then you could direct well-considered questions to your child, whether it would to like to eat right away or first report about its lessons in school.

Phrase the question in such a way that the child senses that either one is fine with you, dear parents.

In this way, you train your child to openness, to secu­rity, to inner freedom and also to the ability and strength to make decisions.

eBook - Liobani: I Advise - Do You Accept?
eBook – Liobani: I Advise – Do You Accept?