The Free Universal Spirit is the teaching of the love of God and neighbor toward people, nature and animals



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eBook – Learn to Pray

In True Prayer You Experience God. True Prayer Makes You Happy.


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God dwells in the soul of each person – Thus, He is always near to us. He listens and understands us. Each one of us can learn to speak to Him in prayer.

This book, given by Gabriele, gives instructions on how to pray freely, carried by our feelings and which ultimately, leads us to the prayer of the deed.


“These genuine deep impulses of strength, which flow from our prayer, positive, selfless thought energies, may help our neighbor to understand his suffering or even to bear it, or they help him to find his way in prayer to Christ, who is helper, advisor and healer.”

“A prayer without inner participation is not a prayer, but merely a stammering of prayer words.”

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eBook – Learn to Pray