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The Animal-Friendly Cookbook

On the Way to Nature — The Vegan European classic — a favorite for over 10 years!


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The Animal-Friendly Cookbook in one of the best European Cookbooks on the market. It's perfect for vegan holidays, vegan Thanksgiving, and vegan beginners and experts alike
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Product Information

The Animal-Friendly Cookbook:

Plant-Based European Dishes for Holidays, Special Occasions & For a Delicious Vegan Thanksgiving!


A European Vegan Cookbook for Beginners and Experts Alike

“Jam”-packed with 150 easy plant-based dishes, this European, vegan cookbook packs a punch.  These countless European favorites place this among the best vegan Thanksgiving or holiday cookbooks available — for any season of the year! The stunning images and easy-to-follow recipes made this one of the best European cookbooks for the past two decades, but also one of the best vegan cookbooks for beginners.

Among the Best European Cookbooks Around — For Beginners and Experts

This classic vegan cookbook from Europe features European plant-based delights that everyone can enjoy. This book stands out among vegan cookbooks as it organizes its dishes by ingredient, rather than by cuisine or style of dish. For example, the cookbook dedicates a full 6 pages to artichokes (whether salads, soups and mains), while potatoes get 12 pages of dedication. It dishes out 6 pages each to bell peppers and onions. The book features over 25 different vegetables and categories — check out the Table of Contents above!

When this book was first published in the original German, the word “vegan,” was barely used (in German or in English). Today The Animal-Friendly Cookbook – On the Way to Nature is a classic among the many plant-based cookbooks, and still stands out as a pioneer in its class. Known across Europe for its delicious renditions of European classics, this is a must-have cookbook for any professional vegan household, plant-based beginner, or simply veg-curious kitchen. From risottos to stuffed bell peppers, fruit-filled desserts and leek soups, a wealth of recipes awaits (just check the index!): everyone can expect to find a few new favorites here.

A Surprising Cookbook Addition to any Vegan Thanksgiving

Sample Recipes Included

These easy vegan European recipes are perfect for vegan holiday meals and special occasions. Whether it’s a vegan Christmas dinner, a special anniversary, autumn harvest or Thanksgiving feasts. The below are just a small sample of the enormous number of recipes across more than 200 pages:

  • Artichokes and Eggplants: Stuffed Artichokes, Artichoke Salad, Breaded Eggplant and Stuffed Eggplant
  • Grains: Sunflower Seed Dumplings and Sunflower Seed Patties, Polenta Stuffed Zucchini
  • Hokkaido Squash: Hokkaido Gnocchi, Hokkaido Fritters and Hokkaido Soup
  • Potatoes: Potato Croquettes and Fritters, Potato-Garlic Soup, and Swiss Rösti, Tortilla Española
  • Corn: Polenta Squares with Shiitake-Filling
  • Swiss Chard: Stuffed Swiss Chard Leaves and Crêpes with Swiss Chard Filling
  • Noodles: Tagliatelli alla Salvia, Ravioli Nut Sauce, Ravioli with Curry, Vegan Bolognese and Vegetable Lasagna
  • Bell Peppers: Peperonata, Stuffed Bell Peppers, Pepper-Potato Goulash
  • Parsnips: Fritters, Sautéed Parsnips, Glazed Parsnips
  • Rice: Mushroom Risotto, Vegan Paella
  • Beets: Batter-Coated Beets and Beets Carpaccio
  • Brussels Sprouts: Brussels Sprouts au Gratin
  • Mixed Greens: Braised Belgian Endive, Lamb’s Lettuce with Belgian Endive, Radicchio Sala with Walnuts, Vinaigrette Salad Dressing, Avocado Salad Dressing
  • Celeriac: Celeriac Schnitzel and Celeriac with Caper Sauce
  • Spinach: Spinach Spätzel, Spinach Dumplings
  • Tomatoes: Stuffed Tomatoes, Tomatoes Provençale, Gazpacho and Tomato Cocktail
  • Zucchini: Stuffed Zucchini, Zucchini Gratin
  • Onions: Onion Bruschetta, Onion Soup, Onion Rings and Onion Relish
  • Mixed Vegetables: Greek Vegetable Stew, Veggie-Filled Pancakes, Frittatas and Bruschetta
  • Fruits & Desserts: Banana Flambé, Pears in Red Wine, “Poor Knights” with Cherry-Red Wine Syrup, Raspberry Crêpes, Stuffed Dates, Strawberry Torte with Creme and Poppy Seed Pastry

The Animal-Friendly Cookbook: The Best Cookbook for Vegan Beginners!

This vegan European cookbook has been demonstrating that a step toward an animal-friendly diet is really not as difficult as one thinks. These easy plant-based recipes are sure to bring spice and cheer to your holidays, flavors to your summers, and good memories to the family dinner table.


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The Animal-Friendly Cookbook in one of the best European Cookbooks on the market. It's perfect for vegan holidays, vegan Thanksgiving, and vegan beginners and experts alike
The Animal-Friendly Cookbook