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You, the Animal – You, the Human Being. Which Has Higher Values?

A Life with Our Animal Brothers and Sisters


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A book proving that God loves animals, too! The Cover shows a mountain lion, a deer, a cow, a wolf, a cat, sheep, a lamb and a hen.
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Product Information

God loves the Animals.

Animal or Human Being … Which Has Higher Values?


“Does God love animals?”  Well, one thing becomes very clear in this book: God loves the animals, too! And they have their own spiritual and inner lives, just like people do. For example, how many people know that our animal brothers and sisters can absorb the “smell” of our feelings, thoughts and words via “scent-pictures”? Or, that we can come into a direct communication with them via the input of sound-pictures?

Liobani, a spirit being, teaches us to understand our second neighbor, thus, to respect them as friends. She shows us how to deal with animals in the right way. For example, how should we treat them? How should we interact with them? How should we interact with pets? By acting on her helpful guidance, the animals can again become free of negative programs, which human inflicted on them.

You, the Animal — You, the Human being is a revelation from the spiritual world. It contains, until now, unknown insights into the inner life of the animals and about God’s love for all His creation. The book is valuable advisor and gift for every animal friend.

Sample Teachings from the Book

God’s Love for Animals

Liobani speaks of the love God has for the animals. She also explains how love is the solution to bring people and animals together:

“As in heaven, so it shall be similarly on Earth. If people are linked with one another in selfless love, then the ani­mals will also change and again fulfill what is truly their ownthe selfless love for and with one another. Then what the Eternal has revealed through Isaiah will happen: Man, and animal will become friends.”

Human Being’s Effects on Animals

Human beings consistently treat animals negatively. This stands in radical contradiction to God’s love for the animals.

“Through the negative behavior of people, through the chain, the leash, the cage and through the fact that the second neighbor has to live among people as single ani­mals, many animals became prisoners of those people who have acquired them for selfish reasons and therefore use them accordingly. Many animals are with people only be­cause they are forced into this by them.”

Liobani, here, explains why so many dogs and cats don’t like each other. It is not because their natural beings are opposed. Rather, it’s human beings who have put them into conflict.

“Many people are of the opinion that dogs and cats neith­er get along with nor love one another, because their natures are so different. Even though dogs and cats radiate differ­ent degrees of consciousness, both still carry the predis­position for unity and communal living. In many cases, dogs and cats do not love each other because they were tied to one person either in a previous incarnation or in the present life and have therefore oriented themselves toward people and taken on their characteristics.

How do the negative energies of people influence animals, even when people don’t intend this?

When a person lives in dis­harmony with people, a negative field of tension develops between person and person, a fight, which is carried out in thoughts or with words. This human nega­tive field of ten­sion is absorbed by the second neighbors. They then react in a similar way as people do. From this a fight between rivals emerges. Each wants to have his realm or his certain person for himself. This is true both among the different races as well as among second neighbors who are of the same species.”

More Topics From the Contents: God Loves the Animals

  • Spiritual Evolutionary Steps for All Life: Embracing the garden of light and the eternal law of All-Communication.
  • Invisible Helpers: Nature beings nurturing mineral, plant, and animal kingdoms
  • Human Beings’ Egoism: At the root of abuse and manipulation of the Animals.
  • Animal Attacks — a Result of Human Action
  • Radical Change and a Coming New Era: A light-filled Earth with refined plants and animals alongside humans; Ennobled interaction with animal brothers and sisters, fostering mutual respect.
  • Communion with Earth: Humans and their second neighbors both require contact and interaction with their own species.
  • Fostering Love and Harmony between Animals and Humankind: interpersonal and spiritual communication between people and their “second neighbors.”
  • Understanding Causes: Personal influences on animal behavior. Living up to God’s love and taking responsibility.
  • Guidance and Routine for the Animals We Know: Nutrition advice and establishing daily routines for peaceful living.

For Further Reading about the Love of God for the Animals…

In Gabriele’s work, God’s love for animals and all His Creation is never doubted. Consider the following:

The Speaking All-Unity delves into the intersection of Spirit and Science. While it discussed scientists’ current understandings, it also lays out the evolution of animals in the spiritual worlds. This book is also accompanied by a CD of meditations.

For a more detailed look into divine evolution: The Four Planes of Development, the Cradle of Evolution to the Filiation of God. In this book, the Cherub of Divine Wisdom details how all beings grow and evolve: from stone to spirit being. These include the stones, plants, animals and nature beings. It also includes the development of a spirit being and how spirit beings ultimately help to care for the beings still on their evolutionary path.

Finally, this book, You, the Animal — You the Human Being, is also available as an eBook!

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A book proving that God loves animals, too! The Cover shows a mountain lion, a deer, a cow, a wolf, a cat, sheep, a lamb and a hen.
You, the Animal – You, the Human Being. Which Has Higher Values?