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The Path of Forgetting

The Microcosm in the Macrocosm


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The stars don’t lie! In countless planetary constellations the stars of the material cosmos and of the for us invisible macrocosm store every stirring, the “for” and “against” of every single person.

An energetic shell, one soul garment after the other comes into effect on the journey of the soul and signalizes what needs to be recognized and overcome. On its pathways to ever finer light energies, the soul is accompanied and advised by higher beings. Everything that still clings to the soul that has become more light-filled must be recognized and remedied.

An excerpt:

“The soul lives in another dimension that is of a finer material substance. But the habits that it acquired as a human being, she keeps for a long time yet. Every action is energy and is stored in the macrocosm. Everything that is a part of human beings, a part of the three dimensions, is taken along by the soul into the other world, the beyond—and has to be disposed of on the path of forgetting …”

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The Path of Forgetting