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The True School Is Life Volume – 1

Teaching hours from Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of God in our time


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Product Information

“The True School Is Life”—this means: Each day is invaluable! Each day, we can learn for our life and find the way to ourselves. We can improve ourselves and contribute actively so that there can be peace and unity with all people, but also with nature and the animals all over the Earth!

This is a book with many indications on how to discover the meaning of our existence, on learning that God is very near to us at every moment—in each one of us. We also find practical help on many difference spheres of life, for example: “Keep the inner calm in every situation,” “Take the freedom. Become free—be free!” “The language of the soul via feelings and moods,” “Learn to live with nature and the animals, then you will learn to understand yourself and your neighbor better.  Learn to love, gain freedom and be happy, among others,” “God can be found,” Reincarnation and being born again in the Spirit,” and much more.

These are teaching hours given by Gabriele, the prophetess and emissary of God in our time that reflect the true teachings of Christ in Jesus of Nazareth: The teaching of the love for God and neighbor.

The True School Is Life Volume – 1