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The Youth and the Prophet (Booklet)

No. 10 in series "The Prophet"


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The Youth and the Prophet: A Free book about spiritual growth for teens and youth spirituality.
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Product Information

Spiritual Growth: Youth and the Prophet

A Free Book on Youth Spirituality & Spiritual Growth for Teens


“Gabriele, if you were our age, what would your life be like today?” So begins this free book: a deep and open conversation about life, its struggles, and the opportunities presented by a life in God. This means spiritual growth for youth and teens, but also for everyone. Not just spirituality for youth, but spiritual truths for everyone.

Spirituality: From Youth to Wisdom

The “Youth and the Prophet” is a free booklet capturing a profound dialogue between a youth seeking spiritual growth and an older person, who developed wisdom through a life oriented to God. Delving into many of the difficulties and subtleties of life on Earth, together these two navigate the dangers of temptation and the pitfalls of the subconscious — the so-called “killer subconscious.” The conversation extends to building a life upon ethical and moral values, putting one’s life in order, and confronting spiritual weaknesses.

Their discourse extends to matters of the heart as well, discussing how to foster relationships based on love and respect. Gabriele also speaks of making genuine connections and forging lasting friendships. Moreover, her practical insights also comprise guidance on finding one’s talents, excelling in school, creating a fulfilling work life, and charting a path toward a meaningful career. Offering guidance on how to approach school and career preparation in a spiritual way, this book also empowers teens and young people to tackle the many challenges life poses on Earth today.

Particularly applicable to spiritual growth for teens, the wisdom in this book is nevertheless not limited to spirituality for youth. Rather, the principles discussed are universal and cosmic, shared by Gabriele for all. We are privileged to read the teachings from Gabriele’s wisdom, developed over a lifetime of turning to God.

An Excerpt: “The Killer Subconscious”

In “The Youth and the Prophet,” Gabriele sheds light on a particularly important topic:

Our positive as well as our negative, not-yet-conquered inputs are what are stored in our subconscious. First of all, the subconscious gives impulses from these inputs to the conscious mind to think the same or similar things over and over again, because the negative, which is usually predominant in the subconscious, hungers for more negative energy. The “tempter,” the negative aspects in the subconscious, lightly touches the conscious mind again and again in order to stimulate it to the same kind of negative thinking. If the person, the consciousness/conscious mind, then acts accordingly, it adds to the negative energy-potential that already exists in the subconscious.

And so, if a person continuously submits to these “temptations,” if he obeys them, so to speak, he feeds this sinful energy-complex, vivifying and building it up…. Then, the subconscious rules over the conscious mind and now dictates to the person to do this or that – it rules over the person. He is now driven … no longer master over himself.


Other Topics for Spiritual Growth in the Youth and the Prophet

The following are a sample of questions asked by the young person, which Gabriele addresses in an open, loving way:

  • Is God just for older people?
  • I have to make a decision about an occupation for myself. How can I do this?
  • How can I deal with insecurity in my job?
  • I play guitar, and I’m in a band. Can we still play rock ‘n roll? Can we still dance to rock ‘n roll?
  • What about friendships between boys and girls?
  • Can you explain to a youth the steps toward spiritual growth? Such as, the development of high ethical-moral values?
  • Should I become a mother or father? Is that tying me down for the rest of my life?
  • What about sex before marriage?
  • How can I avoid influence from, movies, advertisement, and opinions from outside?
  • I feel helpless in this society with all of the problems. With AIDS, genetic manipulation, political corruption pollution, war, unemployment… What’s the way out?
  • Is it OK to defend oneself, or do we have to “turn the other cheek”?


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The Youth and the Prophet: A Free book about spiritual growth for teens and youth spirituality.
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