The Free Universal Spirit is the teaching of the love of God and neighbor toward people, nature and animals



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eBook – What You Think and Say, How You Dine and What You Eat, Shows Who You Are


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What the soul bears within as positive and negative aspects, the person shows externally: In his thinking and speaking, in his gestures and facial expressions, when he dines, in his choice of clothing, in the furnishing of his home – in his whole life.

Excerpts from the book:

Develop the positive powers in yourself, the beauty of your inner being, the tenderness of your nature, the warmth, hope, love and confidence. Awaken within yourself all the aspects which you admire in your neighbor, which are pleasant and which you want to acquire, by actualizing the eternal law, God.

Never emulate your neighbor, but awaken your own ideal, by actualizing and fulfilling the inner life. Therefore, awaken it within yourself.

All positive powers are in you; the fullness is in you. So cause your inner being to shine, by en­nobling your sensations, thoughts, words and deeds, then you will again become what you truly are: beautiful, noble, free, pure and powerful.

A being that is filled through and through with light will never look at its neighbor enviously, for it has everything it needs, in its inner being as well as externally.



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eBook – What You Think and Say, How You Dine and What You Eat, Shows Who You Are