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eBook – Living and Dying In Order to Keep Living

Everyone Dies for Himself Alone. The Contemporary, DEATH

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A title for everyone who wants to find the way out of fear of death and into a conscious life, to security, composure and inner steadfastness. For, as Gabriele writes: “Whoever learns to understand his life will no longer fear death.” Answers are given to the important and current questions of our time, for instance:

  • How can one judge organ transplantation from a spiritual point of view?
  • What happens during the death process and how does the soul continue living in the beyond?
  • Why do certain people become grouchy toward the end of their life?

This book explains many previously unknown correlations. It conveys hope and encourages us to consciously make use of our life.

A few samples from the book:

“It is said that the character of a person, his pros and cons, lies in his genes; these are his genetic make-ip. But let us ask ourselves who is it that generations ago, perhaps even an unimaginable time ago, gave character to these genes?”

“Another help to find one’s way to the truth is our deep sleep. Our deep sleep tells us that life knows no standstill and that after the demise of the earthly body, the soul body continues to live on another level of vibration and in another aggregate state. What takes place during our period of deep sleep could make it easier for us to learn to understand death or dying.”

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eBook – Living and Dying In Order to Keep Living
Original price was: $8.00.Current price is: $3.99.