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The Soul on Its Path to Perfection


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Cover for the Book: The Soul on Its Path to Perfection -- A book about a soul's journey through the spiritual realms
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A Soul’s Journey

The Soul Journey through the Soul Realms


The Journey of the Soul is the Journey Home.

What does the soul journey consist of? And what must the soul learn on its way—on Earth and in the beyond on the individual consciousness levels? What does dying while still a child mean for a soul’s journey? And, how are the planets and spiritual residences made in the soul realms?

In this book we receive answers to many questions, which explains comprehensively the way home of the soul from the Earth all the way into the Father’s house. The path of the soul back to the Kingdom of God, to the eternal homeland goes by way of seven levels of consciousness— and the task of each soul is to again activate these soul levels.

From the Contents and an Introduction to the Soul Journey

In this Christ-Revelation through Gabriele, Christ walks us through each consciousness development level, applicable here on Earth, but also in the soul realms. From Order to Mercy, Christ explains how we develop in the beyond, and also how these worlds reflect our current state of consciousness.

  • Foreword to the Basic Levels of the Soul
  • First Level of the Soul (Order)
  • Second Level of the Soul (Will)
  • Third Level of the Soul (Wisdom)
  • Fourth Level of the Soul (Earnestness)
  • Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Levels of the Soul (Patience, Love and Mercy)
  • Recommended Reading

In the first chapter on the Level of Order:

“My dear children, the soul can reach higher levels and spiritual planets only when it has knowledge and also lives it. The knowledge is of no use to the people and the souls if it is not lived, because each soul has to align its spiritual magnetic currents to those planets that it has opened in its ­spiritual particle structure.

Just as the human being belongs to this Earth and is attracted by it, so will the soul be attracted by that planet which spiritual frequency it has. Immediately after it has left its body, the soul hears tones, a kind of music of the spheres. It recognizes colors and forms. These are the ­vibrations of the planet and the light intensities to which the soul tends. As soon as it has unfolded, it will be attracted by them. …”

And so goes the Path of Cosmic Consciousness, the path to perfection: from Order to Mercy. We have much help by our side from many pure light-filled beings — if we choose to accept it! As Christ says,

“Have no fear, the grace of God is with you.”


“The protégé is always watched over by ­guardian spirits. O, you human beings and souls, recognize that you are never alone!”

For Further Reading About the Soul Realms

Interested readers may also appreciate a short book on the deep topic of reincarnation from a Christian perspective, or a straightforward Q&A on Life After Death. The latter includes questions on dreams, ghosts, reincarnation and eternal life.

Other books of interest may include The Path of Forgetting and My Life that I Chose Myself. These books revolve around the effects and elimination of karmic debt through lifetimes Earth and a continued journey in the soul realms.

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Cover for the Book: The Soul on Its Path to Perfection -- A book about a soul's journey through the spiritual realms
The Soul on Its Path to Perfection