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eBook – God Heals


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Positive powers, the pure divine powers, strengthen soul and body and stimulate health, so that becoming whole from within to without can take place – through the power of God in us. Learn about Karma and Health, and the power of our own thoughts, and the Spirit in our daily lives.

What person does not need healing? The one whose heart can still feel deeply has an inkling that healing, becoming “whole” and finally being healed are all related to a fundamental order of the inner person. What is karma, and what effect might it have on my health?

A mighty power is at work in us that is both indescribable and incomprehensible. It is the central might of love, the strength and salvation of God.

An excerpt:

“Only when we establish trust in the One who is both the salvation and the healing, God, and vivify our words with our trust, only when we let our world of sensations, feelings and thoughts vibrate into the words “healing and “becoming whole” as vivifying power, will those words have energy and have their effect in our soul and in every cell of our body. Only then will the words have a healing effect and ease our suffering.”

eBook – God Heals