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eBook – Liobani: I Explain – Will You Join Me?

(12 - 18 Years)


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Product Information

Liobani helps young people find freedom in God and take their life into their hands: How do I find out what my type is and what my abilities are? What is the right occupation for me? … and much more.

Liobani explains how young people can develop communication with the Free Spirit who wants to help in every situation, for example, in shaping our life, in preparing for exams, by choosing a life partner, in dealing with our fellow people … She teaches how we can get to know ourselves more and more, and how we can come to understand what the events of the day want to tell us and much, much, more.

An excerpt from the book:

“The young person is like a young tree. He can still bend easily. An elderly person is like an old tree that has been firmly rooted in its place for decades and can no longer be bent; he follows his beaten track that he can leave only with difficulty. This means that in many aspects he finds it very hard to change his way of thinking, to counter his old human patterns with divine thoughts, to ask for forgiveness and to forgive.

However, the love and grace of our heavenly Father in Christ make it possible for every human child to break old restrictions and patterns, to give up old habits, to find its way out of human stereotypical thinking patterns and to actualize the divine laws. The Lord of Life can do anything if the person is willing to change his way of thinking.”

eBook – Liobani: I Explain – Will You Join Me?