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eBook – Recognize and Heal Yourself Through the Power of the Spirit


Front Cover for the eBook of Recognize and Heal Yourself through the Power of the Spirit. Mental and Spiritual Healing. God and Mental Health. Spiritual Therapy and Spiritual Healing for Depression.
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Product Information

Recognize and Heal Yourself Through the Power of the Spirit

An eBook on Mental and Spiritual Healing, Inspiration and Spiritual Therapy Through the Spirit.

Caring for Physical and Mental Health with God at our Side.


Physical, Mental, Spiritual Health — a Healing, Spiritual Therapy for the Soul.

Who among us has no need for physical, mental or spiritual healing? This book provides unimaginable help for the reader. Whether it’s spiritual healing for depression, fatigue or apathy, or relief for tension and physical pain… Or, perhaps one simply needs a bit of “spiritual therapy,” guidance for a stronger physical and mental health, in God. The answer to problems of physical and mental health lies in God, within us, each person. 

A person’s world of thoughts revolves mainly around his own concerns. Thus, he thinks about what he could treat himself with externally: what food, what herb or medicine might keep his body flexible, fresh and healthy. This way of thinking already contributes to the reduction of the spiritual ether powers that could give him all he needs for his physical and mental health and healing. God, the eternally existing ether power in soul and person, could be his provider and healer, a true spiritual therapy for soul and body.

Through negative, that is, impure, thoughts and human conceptions, the will to do good in us slackens. This reduces the divine will power and, as a result, the soul does not find its way to God. But with a life tuned evermore to God in us, we can activate the self-healing forces for a profound healing: mental, physical, spiritual.

Excerpts for Mental and Spiritual Healing, God’s love supports Physical and Mental Health.

The spiritual world explains how mental and spiritual healing is determined by a number of factors, including magnetic currents:

“… Thus, magnetic currents are often very beneficial for weak, tired and sickly people. They magnetize the entire organism, build up weak cells again, regulate the circulation and stabilize the nerves. Also, for mentally weak and ill people, as well as epileptics, the magnetic currents are strengthening and vitalizing.”

This book also contains a healing meditation for those experiencing brain tumors or mental retardation to assist in the absorption of the magnetic currents in such a way that spiritual and mental healing can occur.

Why One May Require Spiritual Healing: Ego and the Sapping of Physical and Mental Health

“Recognize that the Spirit of God does not support your self-will. Your constant tendency to act according to your self-will continuously saps your mental and physical powers!

A person does not immediately perceive the negativity building up in his body. The result of human striving for wanting to be and to have are spiritual and physical tensions that lead to depression, which burdens your nerves and weakens your organs. Every unlawful way of feeling and acting results in disharmony. The low rate of vibration of your soul and body resulting from this creates causes that are followed by their effects.”

Spiritual Therapy for Healing Depression

This excerpt reveals a potential spiritual cause and therapy for depression to be considered:

“It is often the case that a person has violated several divine spiritual basic powers. The result is several organs become ill and mental depression can occur. The root cause, however, is the shadowing of the soul, which results in the weakening of the consciousness center’s activity and the person‘s organs being supplied with only very little ether powers.”

And here, also, a spiritual encouragement for those with depression, the potential for spiritual healing:

“The result is that the soul as well as the person come into higher vibration and prefer the life of the Spirit to the worldly one. The body of such a person becomes lighter and more buoyant, healthy and joyful. Depressions recede, fearlessness increases. This means that the person is expanding his consciousness. …”

Color as Therapy: for Mental and Spiritual Healing and Strengthened Mental Health with God

“Such a[n impulsive] person is in much danger and tends toward wrong decisions and depression, but also toward aggression. If this magnetic charge is discharged, either through an accumulation of heat or an outburst of rage, then mental or physical conditions can develop.

Nervous persons, perhaps with a nervous heart disease or illnesses caused by weak nerves should favor the colors green or light blue. A pale blue has a calming and relaxing effect on a nervous person and a creative effect on a level-headed person, especially when a pale gold shade is included. The color blue is balancing but can also stimulate an apathetic person and build him up mentally as well as physically, harmonizing him and conveying a balancing stimulation to him.”

From the Contents: A Selection of Topics for Spiritual, Physical and Mental Health and Healing:

  • Part 1: The Human Being is a Spirit Being
    • The law and impact of the holy, divine ether powers
    • The unfoldment of the “God-man” via the purification of the soul and the expansion of the ether body
    • The correct use of the divine ether powers that permeate all life forms
    • The effects of negative thoughts and human conceptions
    • Patience, persistence and devotion in prayers for healing
    • Dead food and the heavenly elixir of life
    • Incorrect preparation and usage of farmland
    • Self-chastisement does not dissolve cravings – Repression and its incalculable consequences for the soul
    • The human being can regain his health only if he abides by the laws of the Lord, also in regard to the plant and animal kingdoms
    • How can the vibration of “auxiliary food” be built up?
    • Ether power as nourishment instead of the satisfaction of the lust of the palate
  • Part 2: Spiritual Vegetarianism, Spiritual Therapy – Activating Healing for Specific Illnesses in Mind and Body
    • What is a spiritual vegetarian?
    • The human being should consciously turn to the strengthening ether powers early in the morning
    • How can people who possess special spiritual abilities, for instance, dowsers, be tested?
    • The surrender solely to the will of God is necessary – Dangers involved with invoking the Spirit power
    • The ether tree in the human being supplies all the organs of the body with the holy ether power – Significance of the seven consciousness centers
    • Directions for activating the fifth consciousness center – Toothache, festering tonsils, illnesses of the respiratory organs
    • The correct use of medicines and medicinal herbs – spiritual therapies
    • About the thyroid gland and its treatment
    • About the fourth center of consciousness
    • There is no illness in the domain of the Spirit – Fear and worries open the door wide for illness
    • Instructions for illnesses of the lungs – Rules for a short and an extended meditation
    • Your digestive organ, the stomach, also obeys the third consciousness center
    • An operation – Turning point and opportunity in the life of a human being
    • The first consciousness center: Coccyx area
    • Summary of the wisdom vital for healing body and soul
    • Daily preparation of the soul in the morning
  • Part 3: Further Tips and Guidance for Certain Conditions
    • Tips and guidance for spiritual healing of depression, apathy, fatigue and loss of energy
    • Increased performance and equilibrium by positively charging the magnetic field
    • The frequencies of the ocean waves increase the vitality of the body and the life forces of the soul
    • The ether powers of various kinds of moss and of forest grass
    • Ulcers, wounds and burns
  • Part 4: The Effects of Fragrance and Smell
  • Part 5: The Vibrational Effects of Color and Sound on Physical and Mental Health; Spiritual Healing for Depression, Physical and Mental Help
  • Part 6: To Attain Spiritual Evolution, a Life According to the Laws of the Lord Is Necessary
  • Every soul must complete the seven basic levels of the Spirit: Order, Will, Wisdom, Earnestness, Patience, Love, Mercy

Illustrations and Indices

This book includes two Schematic Drawings of the human body and its Consciousness Centers and identifies the organs associated with each.

  • Two Schematic Drawings of the Consciousness Centers
  • Index of Healing Herbs and their Latin Nomenclature

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Front Cover for the eBook of Recognize and Heal Yourself through the Power of the Spirit. Mental and Spiritual Healing. God and Mental Health. Spiritual Therapy and Spiritual Healing for Depression.
eBook – Recognize and Heal Yourself Through the Power of the Spirit