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The Ten Commandments of God – A Guide into a Higher Life (Booklet)

The Message of Truth


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The First Commandment

“I Am the Lord, your God. You shall have no other gods before me”

Everything that is not in accordance with the divine law, with the eternal word of God, is “other gods.” that is, idols. Our exaggerated wishes, passions and cravings are a part of this, everything that people strive for beyond a reasonable limit.

The “other gods” can also be the people we place on a pedestal, whom we honor instead of simply respecting them as our neighbor.

We know that the Spirit of God dwells in every person … We go into our inner being and pray to God there. We don’t need any statues or shrines, any pictures of the crucified one, or any other things, because we know that the Spirit of God is alive in us. We turn to Him. He is our support and hold.

Original Christians do not have a body on the cross either. For us, Christ is risen. We are aware that we bear the Lord’s deed of redemption in our souls, in our hearts. It is symbolized by the free cross. For us, the cross of resurrection is, at the same time, the sign that points, the way into the eternal being.

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The Ten Commandments of God – A Guide into a Higher Life (Booklet)