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eBook – This Is My Word, Alpha and Omega

The Gospel of Jesus The Christ-Revelation, Which True Christians the World Over Have Come to Know


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An unusual title for an unusual book, where each word carries weight – as at the end of the Sermon on the Mount where we can read, “… and when Jesus finished speaking the multitude was astonished at His teaching, for He taught them as one who had authority, and not as their scribes…”

Today, Christ speaks to us again through the prophetic word. In this book, He explains and completes what has been written in the Bible. And so, we can learn about the divine laws as they can only be explained by the Spirit of God Himself.

Hundreds of questions are answered: “Subdue the earth” – what does this short phrase mean for mankind? Jesus of Nazareth gave us an answer through His example; His life is full of the power of the deed, including His treatment of animals and of nature in general. And what about the miracles He performed: the feeding of the five thousand with a few fish and loaves of bread, His healing ministry or the raising of the dead? What did He teach about marriage and celibacy? …

A passage from the book:

“And on a certain day, the boy Jesus came to a place where a snare was set for birds and there were some boys there. And Jesus said to them, ‘Who has set this snare for the innocent creatures of God? Behold, they will likewise be caught in a snare.’ And He beheld twelve sparrows that appeared to be dead. And He moved His hands over them and said to them, ‘Fly away and, as long as you live, remember Me. And they rose and flew away with cries. The Jews who saw this were very astonished and told it to the priests. And the child did other wonders, and flowers were seen to spring up from beneath His feet, there where nothing but barren ground had been before. And His companions stood in awe of Him. …”

From the table of contents: There is no punishing God – The events of the Fall – Pharisees, yesterday and today – Equality between man and woman – Prerequisites for healing the body – Man becomes brutish – The law of correspondence – The law of sowing and reaping – About killing animals – About the law of attraction – About the wheel of reincarnation – And much, much more …

It is a book that reaches far beyond anything we have ever had, giving us an all-encompassing view of what was, what is and what will be.

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eBook – This Is My Word, Alpha and Omega