The Free Universal Spirit is the teaching of the love of God and neighbor toward people, nature and animals



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This Is My Word, Alpha and Omega

The Gospel of Jesus: The Christ-Revelation, Which True Christians the World Over Have Come to Know


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Christ Speaks Again Through a Prophet! This is My Word - Front Cover. The Lost Gospel of Jesus, Correcting the Bible, Biblical Errors and Mistakes in the Bible.
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This is My Word, Alpha and Omega

The Gospel of Jesus


Lost Gospel of Jesus: Christ Corrects the Bible, and its Errors

God has never stopped speaking through mouths of prophets, and today Christ Himself corrects the Bible, the many biblical errors and omissions, and expands upon the lost Gospel of Jesus.  In this all-encompassing divine revelation, inconsistencies and mistakes in the Bible are set straight.

Jesus of Nazareth did not establish a religion. He did not call for priests or pastors; nor did He teach dogmas, rituals or cults. Instead, He brought the truth from the Kingdom of God: The teaching of the love for God and neighbor toward people, nature and animals. That is, the teaching of freedom, of peace and of unity. He thus spoke about the God of love, about the Free Spirit—God in us.

Correcting the Bible through the Prophetic Word

God will not be silenced or deterred by theology, biblical errors, priests or interpreters of the Bible and its mistakes. Therefore, Christ Speaks again to us people!  Christ, the Co-Regent of the Kingdom of God, reveals divine truths in our time via the emissary of God, Gabriele. He recounts the facts about His life and works as Jesus of Nazareth. Christ speaks again through a prophet—this time, a woman.

Learn the truth directly from Christ, Himself as He builds upon the Lost Gospel of Jesus and explains, corrects and deepens His Word — free of theological opinions and interpretations. Mistakes in the Bible are corrected, and biblical errors clarified. Never has the truth of 2000 years ago been so clearly explained to us.

An Excerpt from the Lost Gospel of Jesus

Christ Explains and Deepens the Word:

“The one who considers matter to be the truth takes unlawful reflections as reality, because he lives in this illusionary light, in this world of thoughts. The soul and person who live in God, therefore, do not ask: ‘Who or what is God?’ or ‘Is there a God?’ They live in God, and God is active through them.

God is the cosmic ocean; God is radiation; God is light; God is energy; God is love and wisdom. God is nature, the animal world and the starry firmament; God is the alpha; He is the omega for coarse materiality for truth is eternity—and eternity is fine-material.”

From the Contents

The Life of Jesus of Nazareth, from the Lost Gospel of Jesus

  • The Pure Begetting of Jesus Christ
  • The Parents and Siblings of Jesus
  • The Birth and Naming of John the Baptist
  • Joseph and Mary Prepare a Feast for Jesus; Andrew and Peter Find Jesus in the Temple
  • Mary and Martha
  • The Last Anointing by Mary Magdalene — Preparing the Betrayal
  • Jesus Condemns the Scribes and Pharisees as Hypocrites
  • Jesus Prepares His Disciples for the Coming Events and says Farewell
  • The Agony in the Garden of Gethsemane
  • The Betrayal of Judas — The Denial of Peter
  • The Interrogation Before Pilate and the Crucifixion of Jesus
  • Jesus Resurrects and appears in the Temple; the Blood Sacrifices Cease
  • The Eighth Day after the Resurrection

The Miracles of Jesus: He Teaches and Heals

  • The Sermon on the Mount
  • Jesus Walks on Water
  • The Adulteress — The Pharisees and the Tax Collectors
  • Jesus Teaches about Marriage — The Rich Man and the Kingdom of Heaven
  • The Commandments of Purification
  • The Healing of a Blind Person
  • The Healing of the Ten Lepers
  • God as Food and Drink — The Meaning of Flesh and Blood

Jesus and the Animals

  • Jesus loved the animals and championed them
  • Jesus Reproves Cruelty to a Horse
  • Jesus addresses a Camel Driver
  • The Consumption of Meat
  • Jesus Frees the Animals and Confirms John the Baptist

The Lost Gospel of Jesus Expands on Parables found in the Bible

  • The Parable of the Good Samaritan
  • About the Little Children — The Parable of the Fishes — The Forgiveness of Sins
  • The Parables of the Virgins, and of the Talents
  • The Parable of the Prodigal Son
  • The Parables of Divine Judgment

Universal Truths

  • The Meaning and purpose of life on Earth
  • Jesus Explains His Pre-existence — To Believe Means to Understand
  • What Is Truth?
  • The teaching of “eternal damnation” is a mockery of God
  • The fight of the darkness against God’s plan and His just prophets
  • The Twelve Commandments

….and much more.

For Further Reading

Many of the true teachings of Jesus of Nazareth had been lost to humankind, but now in this divine Christ-revelation “This is My Word, Alpha and Omega: The Gospel of Jesus,” His teachings are available to all people, all cultures worldwide.

This revelation of Christ regarding Jesus’s life, based on the Lost Gospel can also be read as a hardbound (which comes with a CD) or as an eBook. Christ also expands on the teachings He gave as Jesus to His Inner circle in the expansive revelation The Great Cosmic Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

To learn more about Jesus’s home and family life as a young man, you may also enjoy Who Was Jesus of Nazareth?

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Christ Speaks Again Through a Prophet! This is My Word - Front Cover. The Lost Gospel of Jesus, Correcting the Bible, Biblical Errors and Mistakes in the Bible.
This Is My Word, Alpha and Omega