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eBook – The Great Cosmic Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth

To His Apostles and Disciples, Who Could Understand Them


eBook - Great Cosmic Teachings
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Although many people call themselves Christians, very few people know what Jesus of Nazareth really taught 2000 years ago, what wisdom He imparted to the inner circle of His apostles and disciples – about the origin of every soul, about the laws of the Free Spirit, God, about life and death, about reincarnation and about the New Era of the Christ of God and much more.

Through the prophetess of God, Gabriele, the prophetess of the present time, the teaching of Jesus of Nazareth, the teachings of the Free Spirit, are accessible to all people today. This book teaches us the interconnections of all life so that we can learn to understand what it means: “God in us – and we in God”.

A reading sample:
If your neighbor is close to you, then you are close to God. If your neighbor is far from you, then you are far from God. At every moment, you yourself determine how close or far away God is from you. If you put your brother down – be it in thought or with the sword – then you put yourself down, as it were, because the positive side of your brother, the divine, is within you.”

The Great Cosmic Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth address our true nature as sons and daughters of God. They address what is perfect and pure in us. This helps us to recognize and overcome the unattractive, the egoistic, the all-too-human aspects in us more easily. In this book, we receive guidance for a conscious life from the highest source, e.g:

“Never affect your neighbor’s radiation of consciousness by believing that you have to put order in his home, in his room, according to your consciousness.”

In this book, you can read many in-depth explanations that Gabriele has given on the teachings from the absolute, divine law, so that we can grasp them more easily and apply them in our lives.

eBook - Great Cosmic Teachings
eBook – The Great Cosmic Teachings of Jesus of Nazareth