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Liobani: I Advise – Do You Accept?

(6 – 12 Years)


Available immediately, delivery time approx. 10 days **

Product Information

Wonderful tales for children about animals and nature beings (elves, gnomes, and fairies, for example!) and practical advice for the parents that help lead the children into a life that is in unity with nature and with their neighbor. For example, how do we raise our child to be open and secure, to feel inner freedom and also have the ability and strength to make decisions?

And for the children, true stories about how the invisible beings of nature and the elemental spirits work together to help all life forms, whether human, animal or plant life, wherever and whenever help is needed …

A sample passage for the Parents:

“Therefore, a person should be left their free will regarding a spiritual attitude toward life — this includes the small citizens of the Earth. However, that doesn’t mean that everything that the little citizens, the school child, wishes and what it wants should be fulfilled. In many cases, a serious yet loving tone of voice is sufficient. Consistency with understandable explanations brings much better results than strictness and harshness.”

Illustrations in Color: Full of vibrant narratives of animals, nature beings, children and elemental spirits (e.g., elves, fairies and gnomes), accompanied by vivid colored pencil illustrations that pop off the page.

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Liobani: I Advise – Do You Accept?