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The Inner Path to the Cosmic Consciousness: Level of Order

A Spiritual Workbook.


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Cover For the Spiritual Workbook: "Level of Order." Spiritual journal notebook and prayers: the first level for cosmic consciousness.
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A Spiritual Workbook for Cosmic Consciousness

The First Step: ORDER


A Workbook for Spiritual Consciousness

A segment of the Inner Path, this intense first level is the Level of Order. This spiritual workbook outlines a rigorous, practical course in development of consciousness. It provides a way forward for us, with clear explanations on how to makes use of a spiritual notebook, or journal. It provides a number of prayers for each day, and spiritual exercises to raise our consciousness. And it gives endless tips on how to overcome our base nature and external senses, bit by bit. When we tackle our problems, day by day, much progress can be made.

“The Kingdom of God is within, in you.” So said Jesus of Nazareth 2000 years ago. And He, the Christ of God, brought us the teaching of peace in His Sermon on the Mount – the guidelines, with which we can walk the path to God in us. It is in this spirit that today, in our time, we receive a practical path of schooling in full detail, given as a revelation by the Cherub of divine Wisdom and supplemented with explanations given by Gabriele. Gabriele gives encouragement, help and instructions, on how each one can follow this path of self-recognition. She shows how to improve the development of consciousness with Christ, that helps us free ourselves from the burdens of the soul, thus finding peace. Ultimately we learn peace in ourselves and fellow people. This is the peace in the family, at work, but also with all of creation: the animals and with nature.

Overcoming Weaknesses and Celebrating Victories: the Spiritual Notebook and Mystical Journal

The Level of Order describes how we can use a “mystical journal,” a detailed spiritual notebook, in order to analyze who we are. With this, we overcome what is less good, and celebrate our progress. Brother Emanuel explains the importance of celebrating victories at the end of each day:

“…Take your mystical journal and review it. Whatever negativity you were able to overcome by the evening can be crossed out. Whatever was not overcome is underlined and transferred to the next page of the spiritual journal or notebook, so that it is not lost, and the wayfarer is reminded over and over again of what still needs to be discarded. Be glad about the positive side, about what you have overcome! Let it resound in you once again and be glad, with sincere heart, for what now lies behind you.

Think over your day; let it pass by you once more. Ask yourself what you could have done better and what was good.

I may repeat, so that you do not forget: Be glad over what you were able to overcome. Be happy about it!”

The Level of Order: A Workbook with Practical, Spiritual Exercises for use with a Spiritual Notebook

Countless tips and exercises are provided across the workbook’s more than 250 pages. A series of exercises, for example to train our senses, sets the goal to overcome what is external and to perceive more deeply.

The below is one example of an exercise to train the eyes, the sense of sight, given to us by the spiritual world. The workbook encourages us to tackle this task with a plant, if we want, notebook in hand.

We look, for example, at an evergreen tree, a flower or a bush, whatever we like at the moment. However, it should be a plant. We look at the object as we have seen it up until now, that is, only as matter. We look at it solely with our physical eyes, only externally, without moving the inner being. We keep our eyes open as we do this. We look at the object. We record our thoughts and feelings in our spiritual notebook, or mystical journal, either on the right side or the left, depending on the feelings, thoughts and feelings we had.

A little later, we will again look at the same or another plant. We look at it, but then close our eyes and take the picture, the impression of the plant, into our inner being. There, we let the impression reverberate. …

We can do these exercises two or three times a day, especially when we suddenly feel that our senses are turning strongly to without and our body rhythm is becoming hectic …”

The workbook also includes other exercises for the training of sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.

Motivation for Gaining Consciousness

A sample from the workbook brings hope, joy and motivation. It reminds us that as we grow spiritually, the more we also receive:

“The purer our souls become, the more we will receive externally, because the fullness comes toward the person who has opened the fullness in his heart and in his soul. This can happen in this life or in one of the following lives.”

More Content from the Workbook: Prayers, Spiritual Notebook, & Meditations


Prerequisites for the Inner Path — A calling? — Heroic sacrificial courage — From without to within — Right discipline: Love for God — Hearing voices — The inner word and the prophetic word — The purification of the soul

Basic Teachings and Instructions for the Level of Order: Prayers and the Spiritual Notebook & Journalling

Upon awakening — The soul prayer — The sun prayer — The right discipline and alignment — The mystical, spiritual journal or notebook — The evening — Overview of the consciousness centers in human beings — Example of a body movement

Body Rhythm and Training the Organ of Sight

Discipline — The first task: Body rhythm — Order of thoughts — Refinement of the senses — The second task: Training the organ of sight by contemplating a plant — The meaning of the soul prayer — The greeting of peace — The effect of negative thoughts — Summary

Training of Sight and Hearing and Overcoming the Past — Exercises with the Mystical Journal (Spiritual Notebook)

Everything is a revelation of God — God is the love — Recognizing correspondences — Exercises for training the eyes to foster the awareness of unity: Contemplating minerals and stones; contemplating animals; contemplating nature — From training the senses to schooling the heart — The origin of thought — Memories and correspondences — Vagabond thoughts and ever-recurring thoughts — Letting the past rest — Forgiving and asking for forgiveness — Training the hearing: The effect of disharmonious and harmonious sounds on the body rhythm — Wisdom — Encouragement by Brother Emanuel — Summary: A good foundation; a step-by-step refinement instead of mortification; conscious mind, subconscious, soul — From the human to the spiritual; repetition of the tasks

Self-Recognition by Training the Senses of Hearing, Smell and Taste

Development of the senses and order of thoughts — Fight before the victory — The divine in all things — The human being as sender and receiver — Task: Alternately turning the sense of hearing to within and to without — Training the senses of smell and taste (inner and outer days) — Conscious eating and uncontrolled food intake — Fulfilling desires — Planning — Letting go and living in the present — The “gliding” soul prayer — Love for neighbor — The satan of the senses — Aging and inner youth — Inner freedom and inner peace — Summary

Training the Sense of Touch

The uncontrolled sense of touch — Seven-times-seven aspects of consciousness — The person as the plaything of his outer senses — Everything is vibration — The person as the target of different forces — Exercise: Conscious touching; alternating outer and inner days — An upright cast of mind and an upright posture — Excessive gesticulation and a harmonious posture — Exercise: An “excursion” into the cosmos — Communication with the beautiful, positive forces in all things — Questions for women and men (the second mask, the beard and long hair, clothing) — “Sense of humor,” clothing and celebrations of love in the spiritual world — Summary

Further Resources: Reading and Listening

For further reading on the Inner Path, consider the Collective Volume of the four basic levels: Order, Will, Wisdom and Earnestness. The further levels build on the spiritual exercises, notebook and journal in the Level of Order. Christ also expounds on the levels of development in the soul realms in His revelation The Soul on Its Path to Perfection, also in eBook format.

Finally, you may also appreciate one of the number of meditations offered to us in CD format for the help in our development. This includes the series of original Christian meditations courses, which were originally offered as preliminary steps before taking the Level of Order: the first Original Christian Meditation Course, and the second Original Christian Meditation Course. The spiritual healing CD series The Inner Physician and Healer may also be of interest.

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Cover For the Spiritual Workbook: "Level of Order." Spiritual journal notebook and prayers: the first level for cosmic consciousness.
The Inner Path to the Cosmic Consciousness: Level of Order