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E book – The Soul on Its Path to Perfection


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Product Information

Gain until now unknown insights into the makeup of Creation and of the soul, revealed by Christ through the prophetess and emissary of God, Gabriele

Christ extensively explains the path of the soul, it’s homeward path from the Earth into the Father’s house. His word of revelation in this book gives answers to many questions, for example:
What does the soul have to recognize and learn on the individual levels?
What is it like for a soul that left its physical body during its early years?
What is it like on the planets and spiritual dwelling places in the soul realms?
And much more.

This revelation of Christ gives knowledge about the meaning of our life on earth as well as courage and assurance for the continuation of life of our soul. God, our eternal Father, never forsakes us. Every soul will be led and taught according to its degree of maturity.
The path of the soul back into the Kingdom of God, to the eternal homeland, goes by way of seven times seven consciousness levels, from Order, to Will, then Wisdom, Earnestness all the way to Patience, Love and Mercy. To activate these levels of the soul is the task of every soul here on the Earth and in the spheres of the beyond.

Christ, the Son of God and Co-Regent of the Kingdom of God teaches us:
The kingdom of perfection is the soul’s homeland. … All levels that I explain are spiritual levels. They are in your souls and will open as soon as you have completed them through a positive life. … The Spirit of love is always ready to serve the person and the soul, but the person, as well as the soul, has to come to this Spirit of love.


E book – The Soul on Its Path to Perfection