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You, the Animal – You, the Human Being. Which Has Higher Values?

A Life with Our Animal Brothers and Sisters


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You, the Animal. You, the Human Being. Which Has Higher Values?

God loves the Animals!

One thing becomes very clear in this book: God loves animals, too! Did you know that our animal brothers and sisters can absorb the smell of our feelings, thoughts and words via scent-pictures—and act accordingly? That we can come into a direct communication with them via the input of sound-pictures?

Liobani, a spirit being, teaches us to understand our second neighbor, thus to respect them as friends and she shows us how to deal with them in the right way. Accordingly, the animals can again become free of the programs, with which human beings have enslaved, deformed, violated and burdened them.

A revelation with, until now, unknown tips about the inner life of the animals and about God’s love for the animals. A valuable advisor for every animal friend.

Sample Teachings from the Book

“Through the negative behavior of people, through the chain, the leash, the cage and through the fact that the second neighbor has to live among people as single ani­mals, many animals became prisoners of those people who have acquired them for selfish reasons and therefore use them accordingly. Many animals are with people only be­cause they are forced into this by them.”

“Many people are of the opinion that dogs and cats neith­er get on with nor love one another, because their natures are so different. Even though dogs and cats radiate differ­ent degrees of consciousness, both still carry the predis­position for unity and communal living. In many cases, dogs and cats do not love each other because they were tied to one person either in a previous incarnation or in the present life and have therefore oriented themselves toward people and taken on their characteristics.

When a person lives in dis­harmony with people, a negative field of tension develops between person and person, a fight, which is carried out in thoughts or with words. This human nega­tive field of ten­sion is absorbed by the second neighbors. They then react in a similar way as people do. From this a fight between rivals emerges. Each wants to have his realm or his certain person for himself. This is true both among the different races as well as among second neighbors who are of the same species.”

From the Contents

  • Spiritual Evolutionary Steps for all Life
  • God’s garden of light: the unlimited, eternal law, the radiation network of the All-Communication in the unity, God. Sending and receiving.
  • Invisible helpers on Earth: Nature beings look after the life forms of the mineral, plant and animal king­doms.
  • Pets deformed by human egoism. Monster manAnimal experimentsSenseless suffering.
  • A time of radical change: A more light-filled Earth with altered plants and animals as a result of the re­finement and ennoblement of humans.
  • The human being and his second neighbor need contact to the Earth, to the minerals, plants and animals.
  • The New Era – The new life in communion with ani­mals, plants and minerals. The ennobled person in dealing with his animal brothers and sisters.
  • Sending and receiving between person and person, between person and second neighbor.
  • The scent-picture. Communication between a person and his animal brother or sister.
  • An animal attacks – The cause lies in the person.
  • A person transmits his personal thinking and want­ing, his limitations, to the whole animal world. At the same time, he acts against himself.
  • Young animals at a turbulent and impetuous age: The human being – The good example for his second neigh­bor.
  • Advice on nutrition, a daily routine.
  • The sound-picture input of messages to the animal brother or sister.
  • Feeding the second neighbor. Craving meat – A programming from previous incarnations.
  • Display patterns of the animal – Copied from humans. The second neighbor scents the world of sensations and thoughts of human beings.
  • A lawful input of life-programs for the second neighbor.
  • All life forms that have been culpably altered by humans must be led back to their original state of development.

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You, the Animal – You, the Human Being. Which Has Higher Values?